Don't read if you are expecting anything well written or are easily triggered.
The only reason this is viewable is bc I originally wanted others to read my displeasure so we could talk about things like this. But honestly nothing good will come from that either so I am just..idk

I wasn't sure how to go about it, but I wanted to express my displeasure with someone who had me in a collab with them, then decided ah, nevermind! But oh wait, the item came out recently from them. Apparently I wasn't good enough. Maybe they don't like me.
It's just so frustrating when people decide to have their cliques only work together and kick out others who previously were for it when there weren't many people interested.
I am a little passed because the item ended up costing so much. Over inflated really by at least one of the partners.
All I wanted was to help out, have a color select, and have at least 1 copy.
But now I need to put out another collab offer so I can do that. Just..it seems a bit underhanded, like a low blow.
I am more than likely reading too far into this but they lied to me and I just..I want to rant. I want to rant at them, but that will do no good if they are that type anyway. And also in general I prefer to steer clear of confrontation.
Also I realize that there is no contract..and when dealing with humans error will occur..

I just..it feels bad to be led on, let down, but the undertone to it all was lies.

Anyway, sorry about my rant.