a dream is just a dream to some but a dream is only powerful when one has the passion to make it reality and one cannot do everything alone i can be amazing but i am still powerless compared to that which i face. its pointless to be passionate and fight for a falkste cause and its wrong to boiw your head to a god that turns a blind eye to those that worshipp it there is no salvation in religion and there is no understanding in society we all say survival of the fittest but why must life be a competition thus we all face the dammned truth of death but why approach faster why make uneccisary pain and sacrifice why hurt instead of help. carnage solvcves nothing we think if we ravage others with warfare our strength will increase but sadlty the truth is live isnyt a game and people arent peices they have feelings and dreams and everyone shares one plane of existance and reailty and life must endorse such truths humanity must instill such truths drop off the ignorance and the violence stop this madness and seek the new light . i dsont claim to be god and i dont say that there is reason to diisbelieve his existance but follow a book and youll know nothing follow a street and youll find a dead end but follow a person and youll see a new world oppened up but when you follow truth youll never be lost. when you chase knowledge control tolerance understaning and happiness through eewquaility of a social human global universal standard you open up your soul.

i say why preach to the choicr i ask why must i confess my so called sins to a preist he is man as i am and he is sinner why should i ask someone who cant save themselves to save me in sense their structure is a lie and the bible has many meanings for each person reading it has a different perspectoiive that makes up this large picture we see.

frustration boils over and blodshed results bodiuies left prone and lifeless discovered and discarded stored as mere evidnce