Hi guys! I'm really excited about Halloween tomorrow!!! xd It's gonna be awesome, Max is having this party in his two story house where you have to go through the haunted maze just to find the party. 3nodding Max says there are a few surprises in the maze if you get lost, and his house is huge so it's easy to get lost. Anyway yesterday Max asked me what I thought of him sexually. eek I had know idea what to say I was completely speechless, I mean Max was gay surprised and the moment he asked I was drinking my juice at lunch and I was so surprised I almost choked on it. neutral I told him that I like him but not that way, I'm a one man kind of guy. He was ok with that answer, but I could tell that he liked me alot redface and I'm soooo glad that gus wasn't with us at the time, I think he was too.

Happy Halloween To All & To All A Good Fright!!! xp heart