I awoke with a strange feeling that something was wrong. Where was I? I stood up. Apparently I was in a giant desert! I saw endless dunes of sand. What was I doing here? Nothing made sense. A name rang though my head; Z. Was it my name? I sounded familiar and it seemed to fit me considering my red shirt had the black letter Z on it in fancy font. On top of that my blue hair had sand caught in it. I brushed myself off noticing what bad condition I was in. I had my raggedy, torn shirt on top of torn blue shorts. The soles of my black sneakers were starting to come off and sand was leaking in. My skin was pale white as if I'd seen a ghost or had been shot, but I didn't see any cuts or scraped were my tears were. I looked like a teenager who'd been living on the streets.
Suddenly I heard a voice in the distance.
It came from the distance. I decided to climb on top of one of the dunes to see what it was. I saw a woman walking around yelling "Z! Where are you?!" She hadn't seen me yet.
I yelled back to her from atop the dune. "Hello?"
As soon as she saw me she started running towards me screaming "Your alive! Your alive! I thought you were dead!" When she reached me she hugged me tightly. She was in worse condition than I was. This woman had a white hooded cloak covering her whole body. Her pink hair was long and flowed into the cloak like a waterfall. She seemed to be a teenager like me. Her skin was pale white and her dark blue eyes were shedding tear after tear upon seeing me. She had scars all over her face. She appeared to have been in a fight to the death. The blood swept onto my face.
I quickly pushed her away yelling "Who are you and how do you know my name?!" She looked at me and frowned.
"You don't remember me?" she asked.
"I don't remember anything except my name." I answered