*Keeping a note on what I need questing because I always forget. sad

Now: Kieko's Cake (Any Gen).

Little Lucie (Any Gen).

Onei the Dark Unicorn
Midnight Rainbow
Oisin's Blessing
Noels Gift
SDPlus #272 Majoko Marioko
Sainte Ciel: Storge
Lovely Lucie
Angelic Manner
Loving Manner
Princess Harmony
Sainte Ciel: Agape
Strawberry Sundae
Princess Manner
Thea The Unicorn Spirit
Neapolitan Pandalita
Soft Lil Leoli
The Sandman
SOF Tundra
Perky Melody
Comet Candy
Madoka Kaname
Princess Estelle
SDPlus #396 Sweet Streets Rina
Kandi Kitten
Lunarian's Sweet Bao
Sassy Bass
SDPlus #267 Elpis
Happy Melody
Supreme Student Council
FMAB Winry Rockbell
Lady Luck
SDPlus #290 Pepper and Mint
SDPlus #296 Sunny Sally
North Kitten Star
Cream the Kitten
Aura Kitten Star
Bom Bom The Bunny
Astra 24 - Rainbow Raidience
Astra 20 - Ivory Lacewings
Ultra Satan
Blue Belle
Astra 5 - Twinkling Prism Charm
Mimpi The Sheep
Tunnu the Bear
SDPlus #424 Renard
Rosamunds Redemption
Astra 3 - Sweet Charming Blush
SDPlus #299 Cookie Boots
Golden Laurels
Gaia Tan
Mini Angel Wings
Ships Happen (Pack)
Priscilla the Perfect
Sweetheart Admirer
Bunny Flop
Gaia Anniversary Flashback
Staff of the Angels
Vanilla Cupcake Dress
Shy Gardener

*Updated 3/24/13-