Meifu is the creator of the Netherworld. She was just like any other Goddess, with a hole in her heart.

Before she created the Netherworld, she was happily married with her husband at age 23. After 1 month of a happy marriage they were expecting a child. One morning when Meifu was awoken late by her husband Seishin in a hurry. Apparently someone Seishin feared was at the door. She thought to herself, who could a grown 25 year old man fear so much that he runs back into bed crying for help by his wife of all people? Meifu got out of bed to go downstairs, but then the door was opened by Seishin's old boss.
Boss - Now you pay me my money, or with your life... (draws gun) your choice Seishin.
Seishin - i told you before that you got it already! Calm down and put down the gu... -gun does off-
Meifu - SEISHIN!!! NNOOOOOOO!!! -gun goes off again-

The young couple fall victim to a man with bad memory and a licensed fire-arm.

Now in a dark area, Meifu thinks to herself, "Seishin... why did your boss come back? We moved so many times, and yet, he still found us... why"

(not done. will finish later)