Life has not been eventful or productive at all.
To be honest, it's a little upsetting.
But meh, not much I can do, can I?

It's kind of like, at this point, it's so boring for me that I'd rather get college started than have to wait through summer. At least in college I'll have a bus pass and can go places. Plus I'd actually have a reason to leave the house even if I don't want to or I'm not in the mood to.

And there's not much I can do in summer in the meantime. Like honestly, I'm just too hesitant to make a decision of whether or not I want braces, or if I want to drive, or even change my glasses. Heck, I can't even decide on a hair color nowadays. But point is, I can't get anything done at this rate. And there's so much time too, so that's just a waste.

But anyway, hopefully that'll be fixed soon, if I can get out of this mood.
Don't expect much from me in the meantime.