Wow, is it me or has it been ages since I've wrote in here? Little update on my life?
Well... it seems as if Jazmine won't be coming down this summer, and is making me irritable. I miss her so much. She is my best friend, after all.
You know the guy I was pretty much drooling over in my other entries? Well, we ended it about 4 months ago. He told me it 'wasn't working out' and that 'we should just be friends'. First of all, that kid doesn't and didn't even call me just to say hi. I mean, you wanted to be friends right? Whatever. I will admit, it was heartbreaking to know that we had to break, but honestly, it was very hard to be with him, when I never saw him. (does that make sense?) You see, we didn't go to the same schools, so that was a bit challenging already. Second of all, he was very very shy, and that irritated me. Yeah, he was a very nice guy, but honestly, he only talked a lot when he was in the mood to. I dunno, sometimes he could be very dull. Sure, he was cute, but he wasn't someone I thought was the most handsome man in the world. I think I need to move on and start over new. I need to get comfortable with myself.
Lets see, I'm in the process of reading breaking dawn. I would have it finished, but riding camp is getting in the way, which makes it difficult to finish it. I am getting closer to the end though, and making process. Then again, I'm still kicking myself in the butt for not having it finished already. I'm going in to high school in about a month, which is shocking. (to me at least)