Wow, it's been almost a year since I did a journal entry.

I'm really bad about these blog things. I do a lot of daydreaming/thinking/rambling/etc etc, but never quite get a good chance to put it down on paper. When I do do them, it's usually at some turning point in my life... or late at night when I'm tired but can't sleep.

Like now.

So how's things with everyone? Good, I hope.

I'm still working at the restaurant. Currently, I'm trying to drop weight (down to 180 to be exact. I'm currently 200... most of it in my a**/thighs >.> wink so I can join the Air Force. I've been looking at the jobs, and I know if I apply myself I can pretty much qualify for anything. I'm gunning to be a Cryptologistic Linguist, which from what I've been told is great pay. If I sign on for 6 years, I can get a $12k signing bonus ($3k if for 4 years). School for Japanese (which I want to do, Chinese and Korean being my two fall backs) is 63 weeks. I'll essentially come out fluent and most likely get stationed overseas.

I picked up the new Tool album today. I haven't gotten a chance to finish listening to it. I've only gotten to hear the first track, which is the single they've been playing on the radio. I also picked up Choke by Chuck Palahniuk (the man) as well as House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (which I've heard great things about). I couldn't find the R.A. Salvatore books for "The Sellswords" series. Doh. I also played some Tekken 5 DR and decided to bring the Marduk out. I got promoted to 7th Dan, and then played some Lee (who got promoted to 3rd Dan) and Dragunov (who's still 5th Dan for some reason). Also went on a 19-win streak with A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka-2 in CvS2... but it was against scrubs. Played some MvC2 as well (MSP, Santhrax, and Jesus). Good times, good times.

Choke is pretty good so far. I've read Survivor and Haunted already. They were beyond awesome. I need to pick up Diary, Lullabye, and Invisible Monsters. I wanted to pick up Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, but didn't want to drop anymore cash.

I've been sober for over a month and a half now. Combined with my increased work outs (I was only lifting weights before, now I have to... ugh... run) I'm feeling a lot better. I'm trying to stay away from the bottle though since it'll interfere with my weight loss.

Oh yea, I got Guilty Gear Slash finally. It's most excellent.

I've got to get ready for ECCXI on Memorial Day weekend. I don't think I'm going to bother with Evo this year. It'll be 5.0, and my last 5.0 tournament will most likely be ECC (for Tekken). The only exception is if I go to AnimeNEXT. I'll play 5.0 there.

I want to get Naruto 4 for Gamecube.

I switched to Verizon and am pretty much almost all caught up on my bills. Yaye.

Trying to find some good, new music. It's so hard to find new music unless you're a music freak. That's where music freaks come in play. Unfortunately, you have to sort through a lot of bad music (because apparently, anything new they consider good) to find something halfway decent.

Still trying to learn how to play guitar. Not as hardcore as I want to, but it'll come in due time.