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Name: Milo Harp
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Tailmouth
Important features : The tails have mouths and teeth ( please include)

Described as: Pacifist,Sociophobic ( afraid of society or people in general ), timid, easily spooked, kind, gentle

Personality//Bio :

Milo is quite gentle in nature. He does not like conflict and tries to avoid it at all costs. In his mind fighting resolves nothing and in the end it only causes pain and suffering. Being a believer in peace makes it a bit difficult for Milo to cope with his mouthtails Juu ( the teal one ) and Burr ( the green one ). Juu and Burr are very prone to squabbling and often fight between each other leaving Milo to have to sort the ordeal out. However the fighting had been vastly worse before Milo got a choker with an enchanted gem on it which would allow him to have a better sense of control over the mouthtails so they don't kill each other. While there are still squabbles the stress Milo had prior to getting the gem has gone down significantly.

Milo tends to eat a lot. He has a fast metabolism because when he eats it also nourishes the mouthtails and as a result he can often be found snacking or eating large meals throughout the day. Despite this he does not put on weight easily because of the two tails sharing the nutrition from the food he ingests.

Milo was orphaned as a child and found by a young couple and taken in and raised. However growing up wasn't easy. Juu and Burr had the tendency to bite people and eventually Milo wasn't allowed to go to school because of this. Juu and Burr did not have an aggressive behavior towards Milo's adoptive parents because they were familiar with them. Despite all this Milo's adopted parents never saw their choice to adopt Milo as regrettable and still loved him very much. As Milo grew older he tried to make friends but with Burr and Juu attacking strangers it became so upsetting when others ran away from him that he stayed inside all the time. It was the day before his seventeenth birthday that his parents took him to get the gem to better control the mouth tails and since then Milo has started to come out of his shell.

Still the years of being alienated by peers did a number on Milo and he frequently runs from social interaction and panics when he is around other people.


- Nature
- Books
- Cozy blankets
- Ice cream
- Cute things
- Drawing


- Broccoli
- Lemons
- Loud noises
- Crowds
- Spiders
- Bullies


- Anything involving being around people ( to the point where he will have anything he wants to buy purchased online and delivered to the house)

Read below ( click spoiler ) to read about the species ( this is important to understand what they are )


"tailmouth" is the word for the body, "mouthtail" is the word for the tail.


Tailmouths and mouthtails have completely separate personalities, tastes, and urges, which often leads to some conflict between the two. The mouthtail is an extention of the spine as a normal tail would be but has its own complete digestive system that merges with the body's at the large intestine/rectum area. Both bodies benefit from the energy created by digestion no matter which system digests it, and both share a nervous system, so they feel pain at the same time and can tell what the other is doing even if they are not otherwise paying attention.

Though the mouthtail does not have its own brain it 'thinks' for itself, and the body and tail cannot tell the other's thoughts, though how this happens is unknown - most attribute it to either some sort of inherent magic within the tail or that the tail occupies its own separate section of the body's brain.

The tail itself has its own flexible 'ribs' that extend out from the spine that are made of cartilage, not bone, so while they give the tail some basic support and protection they are not particularly strong. They make up for this with extremely strong muscles, particularly around the jaw, and a formidable set of teeth - not much will really want to get close enough to injure it. The tail also has a small set of 'lungs' (not anything like the lungs of a mammal, more like a set of bellows) solely to circulate air through its great maw so that it can talk and make sounds. A mouthtail can live just fine without these lungs - some develop without them - they just will not be able to speak.

...Basically, the best way to think of the tail is as a parasite that has a symbiotic relationship with the body.


Some live in (usually) very small groups/family sets of maybe 10 - 20 individuals, some are completely solitary, and a few live within groups of other creatures or humans.

A tailmouth comes to be when

A) a tailmouth parent has a child - they can both be tailmouths or just one. If the mother is a tailmouth, the child will always be a tailmouth. If the father is the tailmouth the child will be a tailmouth maybe 75 to 80% of the time.

B) a tailmouth is killed by someone. Through some unknown force the tail is transferred to the killer. A small growth will form at the base of their spine that will grow to become a mouthtail within a year. Though extremely painful, it can be removed, however (though this is essentially severing their own spine at the base, so people that do this will have a multitude of health problems including digestive issues, and often the psyche of the mouthtail will not leave even after the tail itself is cut off, leaving the body with a 'voice in their head'), so most people who begin to grow a tail will remove it before it becomes a mouthtail. This is also how tailmouths have more than one tail - if a tailmouth kills another tailmouth, a new tail will grow above their own. It's not known how many mouthtails a tailmouth can have.

Related to B), essentially what is happening is the mouthtail is imprinting itself on another body before it dies, so if no-one is around during the death process they will perish completely. In some cases, innocent bystanders can be imprinted on and will grow the tail, but usually the mouthtail imprints itself so it can torture/exact revenge on the killer and will not bother imprinting itself on any random person, since it will most likely be cut off, which will force it to live as a bodiless entity attached to a hostile body - torturous for both participants.

Some tailmouths and their tails live in perfect harmony together, some end up killing each other.

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