Lonelieness what defines us as people.
Socialsation be able to greet,
take my hand and show me how to live.
Demons laugh at you
when your back is turned.
Alone I am now
People stare right through me
how can they not notice the flying dragon.
Death to all it says
death to all.
Why does no body want to live
okay I get it I no longer exist.
Stare at your mirrors you egotistic
how you look is more important than how you feel.
besides I want to make you happy.
you don't care as long as you look good
a casome will swallow you whole
like a guppy after it's meal
What are you looking at me like that
you want help
your misrable
so what
you don't give a
all I wanted was love
but now all I want is you.
but I am still invisable when I'm around.