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The madness that had steadily built itself up reached a boiling point the next night I was thrown out for failing yet again. Even adults throw a bit of a tantrum when they are stressed out and aggravated, right? The intensity of which I felt trapped, useless, worthless and all those variations of nothingness filled me to the brim.

I want insane with rationality and reason, I think is what happened. I had a goal and an obsession, so that was why I didn't start on a ravenous frenzy like other weapons would have. Somehow, my desire to succeed was made even more so through crazed mentality. It gave me a certain clarity as I began to understand the world I was in. I finally saw it for what it was.

Through my madness filled eyes, I saw a disgusting world. One that would only give me what I wanted if I savagely ripped it away for myself. I had been blindly casting my gaze away in the hopes that I was being given a free shot at an easy life.

But fate isn't so kind.

I understood as I stood in the falling snow in the darkness; my only source of light being the dim street lamps of the city. It was a lonely place and the only one who was with me only wanted me to succeed. If I didn't want to be alone, then I should succeed at any cost. Do anything and everything it took.

He taught me for a reason. I paid attention for a reason. I just wasn't using anything I had learned. Blissfully ignorant of what was expected of me. I had a debt to repay for the second chance I had been given. That person was my life now. To not do as he wished would be like betraying myself.

He had never done so. I'm always able to come back the next day. There is always a place for me with him. Always a chance to try again in his eyes so long as I take my punishment.

--So long as she stays obedient.

So I snapped.

My mind broke in madness and obsession.

I did not return the next day. There was no way I was ready or willing to try again so soon before I was thoroughly prepared. Such a simple task made so complicated. It was a trial of life for me.

--And also, it only served to increase her rapidly growing hunger.

Two weeks total passed. In that time, I meticulously memorized the complete layout of the area of the city I was in. I slept maybe two hours a night before my insanity woke me up again, driving me to finally get this done and over with. To quit being a stagnant stain on his expectations.

I had a plan. It wasn't about just getting from point A to point B anymore. No, those people took from me. I didn't like when things were taken from me and I had forgotten there was something that set me apart from them.

I was a weapon.

I was not only going to succeed, but also, go far beyond what was expected. I was going to take back what they took from me. And then, I was going to take something more precious.


When the time arrived, I went and got the same job I had continually been given. I set on the path like always. Made my movements obvious to anyone looking or paying attention. I didn't hurry nor try to hide.

And like clockwork, they appeared.

I led them down the alleys I memorized, playing the victim card yet again. Somewhere down the line I had learned to bait prey. Maybe it was just instinct or the madness driving and controlling my actions.

We came upon a clearing, closed off from the rest of society by tall buildings. Vacant apartments. All of them. I checked.

I continued to play the scared child until my right arm was grabbed. With cold eyes, the limb shifted that of a small scythe's blade in the first person's hand. An explosion of red is the easiest way to describe it. The fingers that had ended up clamped down on a scythe's edge were instantly sliced off without me even needing to do anything. Just the increase in width along with the fine edge was enough to cut something so frail like a human's skin, bone and flesh.

To be honest, at this point, I must have blacked out. I don't remember what happened. I must have legitimately lost myself in madness for the first time. Going on a frenzy, ravaging the two who had taken so much from me.

When I came to, I was standing over the dismembered bodies which quickly spun into black mist and disappearing, leaving only two glowing pure blue souls.

And there was the reward I earned for myself.

I ate the souls. Devoured them in one gulp each. Like with every time I ate a soul, I felt invigorated, alive......strong.

I needed more.

After so long, such a simply task, the job was finally done.

I returned to the shop with my head held high despite having just carried out such gruesome acts. There was only one thing I cared about. His praise.

The look on his face told me he already knew exactly what happened. The look on my face was one that was distant, cold and one that was pleased with itself that it had for sure gone beyond what he had expected. The only care I had left was if was what he wanted to happen.

It was.

The hand placed on my head told me so. As I looked up to him with a twisted smile of satisfaction, he said to me,

"I think it's time I gave you a name."