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-------------------------------[]C a r o l i n e[]
------------------------------Tonight will change our lives. It's so good to be by your side. But we'll cry. We wont give up the fight.
---------------------------------We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs, and they'll think it's just because we're young. And we'll feel so alive...

[__]We are finally free, tonight.[__]

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Buh-bump. Buh-bumph. The echo of her heart was beating against her ribcage, the young lady curled into a ball under her many quilts. Caroline got cold easily. It was logical for her to have so many covers. Desperately, her fingers clamped around the edges of her soft sea colored pillowcase, pushing her left temple deep into the down feather softness. The edges of her lips were quivering lightly, dark green eyes large and round. It looked as if she was about to burst into tears. On her nightstand, directly left of her softly trembling form, was an alarm clock- as well as her cell phone, and a picture of her family. Also, slightly crumpled, and a bit ripped, sat her vows. Dark slash marks ripped across the paper, sharpie marker, it seemed.

Terror shot through her chest, making her flinch and grimace. One hand barely lifted to snatch the edge of a quilt, yanking it over her head. Caroline's breathing was fast and shallow, as if she was fighting for whatever comfort was left to be had. A soft sob sound came from deep in her throat, choking her thoughts. Almost immediately, his face popped into her head. Smiling, happy to be hanging out with her. Her best friend. Everyone's friend. The popular guy, now. The horror of losing him, obviously, still haunted whatever dreams she had. Having a nice boyfriend- who enjoyed the things she did as well -had helped some. Though, it was true, she had wanted to tell him her feelings.

Her cat pawed at the door, creating soft scratching sounds. Oh. Morning. Life. Good. School. Friends. I'll be fine. Heh. You'll be fine, Care-Bear. Get it through your head. It sounded like Carlisle was in her thoughts, rather than her own mind thinking for itself. Slowly, she edged out from under the blankets. A pair of shorts had looped themselves awkwardly around her waist, loose and airy, so as she could sleep comfortably the previous evening. Pale blue was the color of her tank top, also made for comfort. Crawling for a few steps, before half-heartedly leaping to her feet, Caroline made way for her closet, picking an outfit to wear to school. The color scheme would be pastel- of course. She always wore pastel colors. It was her favorite tone. Red would compliment her the best, in this season, contrasting with her pale skin, and black, feathery locks. So, as the teenager scurried to her door- the floor had been a bit cold, her room was the only one in the house that didn't get heat -her clothes cradled in her arms. A plain red t-shirt that would reach past her waist, a black leather belt, and some jeans.

Outside her door, a fat black cat stood on his hind paws, looking like he had been scratching the hall's wall. A soft smile slowly formed across the girl's lips. Leaning, Caroline shifted her clothes into her other arm, and with one hand she patted her cat. He immediately purred, following her down the hall and to the bathroom - where as she abruptly shut the door in his face. A radio sat on the counter top of the room, atop the shiny granite. Two sinks, widely spread a part, were also settled there. It seemed some one had already been in here, and with how large her family was, it wasn't a surprise. Carlisle and Corbin still lived at home- as well as Corbin's wife and daughter. Her mother and father also stayed here. Well, of course they did! It was their house, after all. Dumping the clothes in the gap between the two sinks, Caroline moved swiftly over to the shower, muttering, " Please have hot water left, please have hot water left, " it sounded like she was slightly worried.

As she turned the knob, water splashed against her arm. The teenager was awkwardly angled, one arm bent inside the shower, the rest of her body leaning away. A clean shake of her wrist was made, as soon as the water could be felt heated. Stripping quickly, a soft shiver rushing through her form from the cold air, Caroline stepped into the shower. Going through her usual routine, wash the hair, wash the face, shave the legs, and wash her face, with expertise timing, she was soon let free of the enclosed shower doors. A towel was looped around her body, and one around her messy, tousled black hair. The mirror reflected her, dark green eyes staring back at dark green eyes almost sheepishly. Slowly, the teenager smiled. Then she got to work on her teeth and another wash of her face. It was simple. Airdrying her locks and fixing her clothes over her form, the girl finished up.

Making her way down the hall, feet bare, her arms swung. An expectant smile was placed on her face. Rounding the corner, and then riding the rail down her farmhouse's stairs, Caroline yelled, " Morning Mom! Morning Dad! Who else is still here?! " It was around seven somthing, so she would have school fairly soon. Breakfast would be good. And greeting her family in the morning was, well, unavoidable. Rounding another corner, suddenly overwhelmed by the sounds and smells of the kitchen. Bustling around were two women- looking nothing alike. Two men, tall in stature, stood in the doorway to the living room, on the other side of the kitchen. One of the ladies turned, her face was littered with laugh lines, and worry wrinkles. Obviously, it was her mother. She had the same ebony shade of hair, tied up in a bun, " Caroline! You're going to be late! "

This made the teenager laugh. Her mother was always very worried. Embracing her mother, giggling, Caroline spoke, " You act like I'm going to be late every day. I'll see you later. " Exchanging a happy smile with the older woman, the teenager turned to move out towards the living room. A brief glance was made to the other lady in the kitchen, familiar and sweet. Carlisle stood near the door, Corbin with him. Her father seemed to have already left for work. Smirking, she batted at Corbin's shaggy hair, long and the lightest brown. And Carlisle hugged her from behind.

Then she was out the door, a large pack on her back, black and white vans on her feet. Running, sprinting, down to her car. It was parked on the street, as well as her sister-in-law's bright red Taurus. Sliding into the beige interrior, Caroline laughed. She loved driving to school. And so, she was off! Another day to get through. Another day to be spent!


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