Killa Krow presents...........

"All Your Life After The Cutting Knife"

DiD Ya KnoW How sloW I T WoUld BleeD?

BlaDE ToO SkIn


HEre comES THE Glory....


I ******** Up!

WHy DOeS It Hurrt?


DiD YA KnOW?????


Take it from Killa Krow!!

ALL Your Life....

Its not a new story

A old sin repeated a thousand times

All your life....

You just made a it your personal debt

In your pain you go screaming or silently

Death will steal you away bit by bit or all at once

The Cutting Knife is a one way bet

Dont get me wrong

I aint getting all preachy

Dont be scared

I dont give a s**t what you do with your life

Your mommy gave her all to bring your a**

Into this world....

Yours is yours just as much as mine is mine

In the end we knock on deaths door

Who am I to blame just because we knock all different

Its all the same in life and deaths game...

Questions are fast

Answers are slow

All your life and the cutting knife


Killa Krow Sat 12:35 am (my tyhm) ninja