There are somethings in life you can never prepare for, and leaving Jo behind is one thing I could never prepare for, Having the greatest week of my life which is spent with the most amazing girl in existence. You really can't imagine how it feel leaving all of that behind. I did my best to hold back tears... A few came out while in the security line but I could still see her so they didn't flow.... the moment I waved my last goodbye and yelled "I love you" and slowly started my way to my gate... the tears really came then and continued to flow until I returned to Maryland.

When I got hometown airport and turned on my phone to call for my ride to pick me up. I received the sweetest text message from her ever. At that moment I dropped to my knees in the middle of the airport and just broke down crying. Two flight attendants ran over to see if I was alright, and I briefly explained to them why I broke down crying. They just nodded assured everything would be fine and continued their way.

There are things I can't seem to possibly word, or make it sound great. But one thing is for sure. I miss you Jo... I miss you a lot and I'll continue to miss you till our next meeting. I love you so much too, My heart aches while you're not around and it is hard to breath, but I shall stay strong until we are in each others arms again. So please wait for me, and don't let all those boys chase after you, Cause I will be back and I will be fighting for your heart.