umm.. ok
theres this guy obvi not saying his name.
so me and him have known each other for about a year. we dont really know each other that well. but im good friends with his little sister and his his brothers friend who is also my friend invited me to go to a skating place with all of them.i said yes. i told my crushes younger sister earlier in the year that i thought that the guy "T" was amazingly cute. then that night i didnt really really see him within that yeaar so i told his sister that i still thought that he was amazingly cute but i said hot. like a week later "T" messaged me on FB and was like "um so that night that we all hung out.. i was talking to my sister after that and she quickly changed the subject when i asked about you. i was just wondering what you said". so i told him and he told me that he likes me. So we started to flirt and are still flirting and its been maybe 3 weeks. we were both in a relationship when we started talking so we didnt really flirt that much but when i became single he started flirting with me alot more. but he still had a gf so i was like this is wrong.. but i didnt say that because i sound like a 5 year old. so we started flirting more and more till he start calling me hun, cutie, dear, darling. then him and his gf broke up so i was like YAY!!! that lasted like a week. him being single that is. Hes know dating another girl and is still flirting with me. all my freinds that have read the texxts are like you guys are dating right?! and im like no... but i really like him and im falling hard i just dont know how to see if he likes me more then like. feels the same way. i just need some advice. not trolls actual advice. it could really help. thanks gaia world.