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Learn to live with your eyes wide open to the message each and every person sets out for you to meet. Stay intact with all that brings you joy.

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Risen Revolutionizers
Do not fear the world. Do not fear your government. They are the ones who are to fear their people. Though it may seem as though we are sustained, out numbered, and meaningless to the rest of the world. Its about time we wake up a bit and take back what it is ours. I know plenty of people who live their lives speaking of leadership. To say is something else as opposed as to do. Each of us hold the power to do some good in the world, but each and every one of us seem to of let years go by, standing back, letting society step all over us. .. I want you to think and recognize all the world's disease, and imagine you as their only cure... you and you alone. What is it you plan to do? What is it you plan to say? How is it the world has gotten to where it has without those to inspire something much larger than to sit on their asses each and everyday. Do you even know what it is to stand for more than a belittling society where we force ourselves to believe that there is nothing better. If you want to do something then you get off your a** and you fight... you fight without fear, and without regret. You fight with your very last breathe to stand for what you believe in. Your words mean something, your actions mean something, but you mean nothing to this world but another mouth to feed until you come out from the dark, and you shake the very ground you walk on because all those who stand upon it feel no ownership, fore they are dead inside... they are fed full of lies, from the hatred and greed that all this world shoves down their ******** throats. Its time to stop eating their poison (Monsanto), its time to stop eating their lies, its time to stop bowing down to their meaningless attempts, and it is time for a ******** revolution. You want to take a stand? Do it. Don't say it. Show no fear. Live your life without regrets. If you truly believe in taking a stand for what you believe in, you will not back down... even in the face of certain death. Take a stand. Fight the world, and its wrong-doing.

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