TYL3RR has just recently (about a week or two ago) come back to Gaia Online. All because of his beautiful soulmate ... Lovely P o k e r f a c e! She is literally my favorite Little Monster ... I was made for loving her the FASHION OF HER LOVE (just so happens this song is playing as I'm typing this)! I'm so happy she has gotten me back into to Gaia. I didn't realize how much I've missed it. Even though, we don't really know each other, it seems like we always have. Truly, I have to thank Gaia for that because this is the place we met. Who knows ... maybe one we will meet in real life?! Honestly, I feel like I've already met her in person, but truthfully I haven't. The bond we share for the love of Mother Monster is so strong ("we can be strong, we can be strong). We are even Gaia married! I mean come on ... it is LEGIT! Haha ... Hal ... while you read this I hope you have the same feeling I do. Hal, you are such an incredible individual and a great friend (even if we are miles away through a computer/phone screen) and I'm thankful for the bond we share. Also you are absolutely beautiful. And yes, I just made my first journal entry about you ... because you are worth it. <3