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Its Like Totally Leet's Journal!
Coverage about me, my seed, and leetness.
Okay time for some site whoring.

Click here if you love me, and want me to get free swag.


And click here and sign up for the site (refering me) thus getting me more points for Capcom swag if you reallllly love me.


Alright enough of that.

I haven't been on Live Journal for so very long. It took me forever to catch up on it all. =/

Not much is going on with me personally. Still slacking. Trying to finish all my driving things already so I can go back to school and get a job already, but thats going slowly. I really need to save up a large wad of cash for reasons, hopefully I can get better than a minimum wage, 6.75$ an hour job. I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep lately. Today I got enough I guess, but I'm still tired from all the previous nights.

I went to an Asian meusem yesterday. They had a lot of old artifacts and hand crafted blades. It would have been completely awesome instead of pretty awesome if it had a section devoted to Ninjas. There was a distinct lack of ninja-ness around the place. I also read a story there about how on a Japanese TV show they took this sword, shot a handgun at the edge of the blade, and it cut the bullet in two. The sword didn't have a scratch on it. And then they shot it with six huge machine gun rounds. It chopped the first 5 in half, but then the 6th one finally shattered the blade. Honestly it was one of the most awesome things I have ever heard.

I'll be making some Alfredo sauce from scratch for the good people in this house for dinner tonight. Making some noodles and chicken to toss in it also.

I ordered an imported Japanese game for my DS a couple weeks ago. I'm getting ansy for it to get here, I gotta play! ):

Oh, if anyone on my friends here has a myspace hasn't added me yet: http://www.myspace.com/l33t

I've made arrangements with someone to meet up in a year. Even though it is that far I am still really excited about it (: . I wonder if the anticipation for this will make the year go by faster or slower. I'm thinking faster. It gives me some focus and something to look actually forward to, which is something I normally don't have going for me. Anyways its bound to rock, and it shall be a great time had by both.

Something is a bit itchy beneith my pants.

Away From Keyboard
I opened up my november letter.

The ******** letter seemed to be worth less then the hat so I figured why not open it.

*runs around in an AFK* =O

I should eat
Why haven't I eatten yet today? Its like 12:32pm. Well I did wake up at around 11 pm, but still. I should go make some of my awesome eggs. My eggs really aren't anything special, just normal scrambled eggs in most respects. The only thing different is that I, The Sultan of Leet, cooked them up. Although I think thats the KEY to them. I have mad style, I put my heart and soul into these eggs to come up with the best damn tasting scrambled eggs EVER.

Hahah ok I may have been getting just a bit dramatic there... maybe a lot dramatic. And exaggerated a bit... Anyways yeah, I like eggs... especially when they are in a tortilla. Thats just awesome.

Ok, with that new game I got the other day. I just realized there is some contest you can enter for it, but it ends on october 1st. So pretty much, I GOTTA BUST THE SKILLS OUT. What the deal is you play this score attack mode in the game, and then it gives you a password. Then you enter that password in on a website, and it ranks you against other peoples score.

I MIGHT be able to get one of the 2nd place prizes on it, although 1st place and grand prizes are out of the question.

s**t MAN, the guy that is in line for grandplace prize right now, his score is just to damn high. I think he is a robot or something, NO HUMAN COULD DO THAT. Damn robots, ruining all my fun.

Pretty much the 2nd place prize is freaking stupid... But mainly I just want to be able to say, I WON SOMETHING. I like never win any contests, or anything of that sort. So this would be a pretty cool thing to do.

*flys around in the Vic Viper*

Shopping suckas
TODAY, has been kinda slow

I went out to Tower Records for a while, there was supposed to be a sale, but what they did was raise the label price 25%, then say everything was 25% off the label price. Bastards.

Then I headed out to best buy, got the Starwars Trilogy DVDs(which is for my moms birthday), and a PS2 game called Gradius V. I had the 40$ gift card for there so I figured what the hell. First console game I have bought in a while, hell, first game I have bought in a while. I really haven't been into games recently, but I have had the urge to play. Hopefully I can settle some of those primal needs.

And I must say the Vic Viper is awesome. *flys around*


I totally made this chicken recipe I found on the internet tonight.


I must say I was worried about it coming out rather horrible, but I don't think it did at all. I DID GOOD. cool

Next step is to make a larger meal for everybody in the house. Cause this was more to test it out, and see if I could do it right.

Which I am pretty sure I did do it right.

The only change in recipe I did, was use thighs instead of breasts, and I flipped them over near the end, otherwise one side would have been all crispy, while the other was all moist. Which seems kinda weird.

I demand to be able to change the color of my text on here. ALL MY COLOR IDEAS KEEP GETTING SHOT DOWN, because of shitty default text colors.


Testing s**t OUT

Captain Gonads
Community Member
Captain Gonads
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