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Noire Samhain's Journal
Halloween is Every day
Sex, socks, feet below the cut.
"You going to be able to get into the door, babe?"
"I'll be fiiiiine. *hick* "
It was night out, and the apartment complex's hallways were mostly silent. A young adult Incubus with fiery red hair and purple skin wobbled towards his apartment, helped along by a white haired demon with glowing eyes and tail.
"I haven't seen you drink this much in awhile, Noire", said the white haired demon in an amused tone.
"Shut up Azzie, I'm fine," the Incubus responded, his voice a slur.
"Sure you are."
They entered their apartment with no incident, Asmodeus, or "Azzie", unlocking it for his drunk boyfriend. The red haired demon instantly went for the couch and crashed, which made Asmodeus chuckle. Noire was a mess from tonight. A cute mess, but still a mess. Honestly, the only reason Asmodeus hadn't joined in on the drinking fun was the fact he had a photo shoot tomorrow morning. Else they'd both be messes, though any fun they could have possibly had would be dampened by Noire's tendency to get sleepy when drunk.
"Good night, big guy."
Asmodeus started getting ready for bed, using the small closet him and Noire shared to change into his pajamas, which usually consisted of boxers and a tank top.
"Azzie... could you get my shoes off?" Asked a sleepy voice from the living room.
Asmodeus snorted at that.
"Why can't you do it?" He called back, with humor in his voice.
"Too tired... c'mon man. I'll owe you... in the way you like."
The white haired demon perked up at that. Normally that meant Noire would indulge him in what he liked the most, something the red haired demon didn't do often. He was too self-conscious to do a lot of things without enough prompting. Noire does have those cute, one size too small boxers that looked great on his butt...
"Fine, you big baby. I'll take your shoes off."
Asmodeus finished pulling on his boxers and kicked aside his old clothes to put away later. He left the closet to find Noire still sprawled out on the couch, shoes still tied up on his feet. He snickered at sat down near Noire's feet to untie the laces of the red head's favorite, beat up sneakers he never left home without.
It took a few seconds to remove the first shoe, but as he did so Noire gave a sudden moan. He seemed to have liked the shoe rubbing against his foot as it came off.
"Oh yeah, Noire has sensitive feet like that," Asmodeus thought to himself. "Just how horny drunk is he right now."
Asmodeus ignored it and took the other shoe off. He wrinkled his nose a bit. Noire had obviously been on his feet at the party for a few hours straight without taking them off.
"Could... could you massage them?" Noire asked, his drunken voice eager.
"They... smell a little too much to do that right now, maybe some other time, okay babe?"
"They don't smell that bad, smell again."
Noire adjusted his foot so it was on Asmodeus's face and laughed.
Asmodeus reached up to push the foot away, until his hand came in contact with a bit of bare skin from a tear in the sock. Suddenly his hormones were flowing and his boxers instantly grew tight.
"God damn Incubi", Asmodeus thought as the arousal hit him.
Being an Incubus, Noire had the ability to manipulate hormones and lust, but only if he was confident or lusty himself. Which, luckily for most Demons, Incubi also had self restraint and control of their emotions. And Noire never had much confidence, a fact Asmodeus felt sorry for. But when drunk... this sometimes happened.
"I smell pre-c**, you turned on by this Azzie~?" Noire slurred, his face in a goofy, drunken grin.
"It's not that," Asmodeus protested.
"Why not, they smell good don't they?
The white haired demon started to argue... but was he sure Noire's foot wasn't turning him on? Noire's hormones were messing with him surely, but he didn't want to pull the foot away anymore.
"It's okay, you know I love feet so it's cool."
Asmodeus found himself actually smelling the Incubus' foot. A part of him found it gross- he didn't mind Noire's fetish but he never had it himself- but his body and hormones were actually making him. Noire's grin widened.
"You know what I like to do with them? Lick 'em. You get to smell and taste them both at the same time. It's heaven dude."
Asmodeus tried to fight it, but his body wouldn't obey. He started licking the soles of his boyfriend's socks, and Noire's drunken hormonal control was making him enjoy it. His mind grew hazier, as his own hormones were starting to overwhelm it. He found himself really, really enjoying this after a little while, and started to do it with gusto.
"That feelssssssss sooooo good," Noire slurred. He had unzipped his pants and started jerking it off through his underwear. "Makes sure to do inbetween the toes, that smells THE best to me~"
Asmodeus obeyed blindly, his body now fully committed to his worship of Noire's feet. He was fully erect and leaking, staining his boxers but he didn't care. After a good long sniff on Asmodeus' part, Noire told his whited haired boyfriend to stop.
"I wanna join you, join me up here man."
Asmodeus obediently joined Noire on the couch. With the red head's directions, they arranged themselves into a sort of 69, where they both had full access to each other's feet.
"You should smell your socks sometimes, babe. They're so good," Noire said through loud sniffs.
Asmodeus didn't answer, Noire's hormonal commands overriding his brain enough he couldn't speak. He had slipped one of Noire's socks off to get at the bare foot, which was slightly damp but smelled more strongly of Noire's hormones. He took turns worshiping the socked and bare feet as he kept getting harder and harder. Noire on the other hand had abandoned holding onto one of Asmodeus's feet in exchange for his own c**k, which he pumped up and down.
"Azzie~ I want your feet on my c**k. Could you do that to me?"
Mindlessly, the glowing eyed demon adjusted it so he could continue sniffing Noire's feet while rubbing his feet on Noire's d**k, an awkward position both the alcohol and hormone addled males nonetheless enjoyed.
"c** when I come, I've always wanted to do that~" Noire commanded drunkenly through gritted teeth.
Asmodeus's nodded his head and continued giving Noire his commanded footjob. Soon he felt Noire tense up, a warning sign. Asmodeus stopped pumping and allowed the demon to thrust against his soles, something in their non-drunken or non-hormone addled life Noire enjoyed when they got kinky.
And then, Noire came. He made sure to spread it over Asmodeus's soles, reveling in the feeling. Asmodeus came with no hands, just shooting it onto Noire's pants as he gave Noire's feet one long, desperate smell. Tired from their exertions, both passed out soon afterwards.
The next morning, Asmodeus woke up surprisingly well rested. Sure him and Noire had c** on them, but considering all he could remember is the rush of an orgasm, he figured they had just gotten into some drunken fun. He wasn't where he remember blanking out at, but he has slept walked in the past, so it was nothing too suspicious.
After a shared shower, the two males parted ways, with Noire staying home and Asmodeus off to his shot. It was obvious that last night was forgotten about. at least... Asmodeus forgot about it. As soon as the whited haired male left, Noire blushed and grinned wickedly. He couldn't believe he was as drunk as he was. But he'd definitely remember that. Especially if he finds a "sleep-walking" Asmodeus sniffing his feet again one night.

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