Sweet Ecstasy pt.1

There is nothing more he wanted then just to escape from reality. He pondered upon thought after thought about this escape. Used to the cell, he finally thought of giving up and just letting things stay as they are. However, another part of him said that he had one more chance. A local club was having a new DJ and entrance prices were half. What an idea right? Go do something that you never get invited to but always get asked why didn't you go. The young man argued with himself over the idea. "What if I go and it's just a waste of time?" "What if the line is too long?" "What if I get drugged?" "What if there is a cop raid?" All these thoughts raced through his mind and he did all he could to push them aside with all his might. With nothing else on his mind, he prepared for the night to come. With his new clothes ready to go, and his mind clear of all thoughts against his choice, he was ready to go. Arriving early, he found a good spot to park and got in the club without having to wait. He scanned the area as he entered and noticed that the club was still preparing for the night to come. There was a decent sized crowd in the club, but most of them were leaving. The bartender took notice of him and walked over with a smile of her face. Her nametag read Tracey.
"Whatcha having tonight?" Tracey asked while placing a coaster by him.
"Just give me a shot of your best vodka miss." He responded. Most of his nights started exactly the same just never outside his home. He turned his focus to the DJ setting up and was shocked to hear a response
"Vodka eh? Rough night or rough life?" He could have lied, but instead he decided to tell Tracey what's up.
"Rough everything. Just decided to come out for the first time. Been alone a lot with my thoughts you know?" Tracey looked into his sad eyes and saw the little bit of hurt that escaped from them.
"Tell ya what, since I can tell you're in pain, I'll make it a double. On me" He had thought about rejecting the offer that the bartender made but then shrugged.
"Sure" Drinking seemed to make the time pass by. He looked at his watch and noticed that an hour had passed. He thought about how this night was going to be like all the others then. The DJ had started playing about half an hour ago and decided to play a mixture of club tracks and EDM tracks. He knew that the night was too young to end early and took one more shot. This one went down harder than the others, almost as if his own body was rejecting it. After the shot finally went down his throat, he decided to go dance. His brain was fueled too much by alcohol to stop him. He got onto the floor and started dancing, not moving his body but letting the song move it for him. After a while he noticed someone only a couple feet away from him. She turned and they soon locked eyes. He walked closer to her and she walked closer to him. She started to dance and he followed. They never touched but the electricity was around them. There was a connection there. The kind of connection that you could see and feel.