Have you ever had someone that can make you act in strange ways, just by thinking of them? It's not always bad, of course. Whenever I am with Arma, I find my thoughts are, well, distracting. Our jobs have us both busy making it difficult for us to schedule our dates. But when he do meet, it is like sating a longing hunger; those nights are ones to remember.

We spent yesterday at an event in the city. A fortune teller was in town giving love fortunes to couples--whether they were together or not. It was fun to see these "possible futures," though I wish we had better fortunes for ourselves. I lost track of how many fortunes Arma and I had that ended with us divorcing after our marriage ceremony bankrupted us both.

Despite that, though, Arma was right. Who cares what the other timelines are like? We are together and happy in this one.

Still, love makes one do some strange things. I do not think I will never stop blushing over that purchase.