1. My cousin sees a doctor Monday to see why she's losing an alarming amount of hair. She feels fine, and has lost 100lbs in over two years (with diet and exercise), and then suddenly stopped losing weight, even with switching up work outs, adding time, decreasing time. She's been told it sounds like it could be a thyroid issue. She's been diagnosed with "anorexic tendencies" and has panic attacks when she gains even half a pound and at the thought of losing weight. She's really concerned about what doctor may find. What concerns me is that she's already saying is, "If I have to go on medication, I'm going to have to research the medication to make sure that it doesn't contain calories or make you gain weight..."

2. Yesterday my best friends mom (and my mom's best friend) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Uterine Sarcoma. A very rare form of cancer with historically little response to treatment. Chemo begins tomorrow. She has a daughter (Steph) who is 24 and a son who is 30. Her name is Penny.

3. Also yesterday, my mom's cousin was diagnosed with leukemia. She is 84, and they can't do much for her. She has been given four to six weeks. Her name is Bonnie.