Pokemon Adventures:

Born in Black City in the Uneva region. My mother smuggled me out of the hostile territory when I was still a baby at the cost of her own life and risking the lives of her pokemon. I have no memory of her but Kiyoshi, her/our minncino, would tell me stories while I was young. Yes, I can easily communicate with pokemon.

I grew up in the Johto region, Violet City, at the pokemon center. I helped Nurse Joy care for the pokemon that came through and learned many thigns about different regions. I couldn't wait to travel the world.

When I was 9, I remember a man named Giovanni came through and his pokemon were powerful, loyal, and spoke of an organization that attempted to draw out the full power of pokemon. I inquired about it. He was shocked, as most people are, about my ability. To my surprise he gave me a gift: a pokemon egg. Giovanni told me to seek him out after the egg hatched if I wanted to know more about and even help with his organization.

The egg hatched into the most beautiful dratini I'd ever encountered. Pink skin, purple orbs and eyes! Kiyoshi thought Ryuusuke would be a good name for him. Thus he was named. We've traveled a lot. Had many battles. Made lots of friends. We three are inseparable.