A random thought:
The most important of life.
The concept of life is simple,for me at the least. We are all born, then we live for a while and then we die. Some say that death is what all that life leads up to, an end for it all. That is all I see most people focused on because to them that is life is going to be death. Death is the thing that defines the person in the end. How they die, who they die with, why they died. Death is all the matters add up to. After all the end is the most important part of the story, right? No, no and no!

I refuse this ridiculous idea! I hear this rabble from the mouths of all ages. Young ones and old ones a like. Why is death the defining moment to a character, a person? Well, it isn't. I say it is quite the opposite. It is living, the journey that defines the human. That great journey of love,danger and wonderment. It is what truly is the most important part to life. It is what makes the person and shapes their behavior and reactions. To experience and create memories, to feel the wonderment of the world along with all it's heartache and woes.

We all know the beginning and we all know the end, but the in-between is the most important. The most important part of life, is the journey. I hope everyone knows that and to experience it to the fullest.

~Thank you for reading.