I normally don't like to make journal entries. I don't like sharing my thoughts with people because here, on the internet people are bastards. So much lies and blackmail, deceit and cowardice, idiocy and downright selfishness. Well I'm writing this to explain to you all how I work.

First of all, I'm not about to tell the average moron who adds me to their friend list because they're either friends of another of my friends or they simply try to "outsmart" me and try get a donation of gold from me anything about who I am or what I do. If anyone asks for any personal information about me, when they clearly aren't interested they'll be treated to the biography of my cartoon character. Why? Because I have no desire to tell anyone my info, especially here in the public eye. Do I have anything to hide? Possibly. There's no way you're going to find out.

This has been a topic of confusion for some of my more respected friends for a while now. If you have earned my trust, I have undoubtedly divulged some information about myself to you. But generally speaking if you have to ask me about myself, then that is the reason I'm not telling you. If I want to tell you about myself, I will; If not, then I won't. It's shear simplicity, don't you agree? And for those that are just in it for the gold, give up. I can see through that s**t, dumbasses! So to my real friends, you know the real me and I only hope you won't betray my trust - For your sake. For those that think I'm 25 or 36 or whatever, is an emperor, lives in a fortress and (if you're slow) that I have a wife and two children in their twenties, one of which has magic powers - Grow a freaking brain. Seriously, some of you people are a few less braincells away from a double lobotomy.