OK , This is about this whole Gaia Cyber s**t.. im not trying to defend anyone

but y'all must not know much about gaia cyber neutral Forreal. So heres how it
really goes down. (lol, never did it but im not that blind about it)

Read This Carefully : Tricky Gaia Cyber w/ Gaia Girls
10 Reasons why it happens

1. She lies about her age.
2. She cybers back
3. She want the D
4. She a little a** hoe
5. She a little a** hoe
6. She want the D
7. She a little a** hoe
8. Shes really 13
9. She a little a** hoe
10. She comes back for more (JK, maybe) she a nympho

this is how i see Gaia cyber.. but i guess people take it more serious than that.
or maybe i'm wrong who knows, but most girls on here ask for it. then lie
about it.

NOT DEFENDING , some people just need to know somethings.