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Routa's Scribbles
Is that a lump of dirt? Oh! No, its just an incredibly grubby book. Wonder whats inside...
10/6 Lost the rose
Journal 10/6

New earth students, Andrea and Mocha

I believe I have lost one earth student, Dustin.
Another one is gone. Great Dragon help me, I cannot keep them around forever, and earthen powers can often lead to self destruction.

Everett and Dexovan spend most days slacking off.
The girls study hard, but I do not ever see them interacting with anyone.
Perhaps I give them too much to do. Or perhaps I should give them more to do.
I will figure this out later. For the moment my mind is in a whirl.

Many many students have come to me with complaints, injuries, or incident reports. There is a lot of fighting going on on the school grounds, and I am sending students to the detention pits which I have dug out and furnished, in order to help them think over more peaceful and logical solutions to problems, instead of throwing water darts or fireballs. I always find some time underground calms me down and helps me think.
Granted, the most trouble has been from those two houses of fire and water- I believe Evelyn keeps her students too busy and tired, and the earth kids spend most of their days underground. I blame their lack of leadership, which mostly means I blame Tobius, but also myself for not being able to help guide the water children. Also, mister Knight began asking questions about how people get their abilities if they are not genetic- strange that no other children have asked this. Perhaps I should run a history lesson sometime. In the meanwhile I pointed the strange boy towards the library (as death-defying a prospect that probably is).

Neil is very busy, and angry at me, I believe. And this is where the trouble started.
He came to me asking to sleep, and I realized the library does not even have a bed in it- possibly he hasn't been sleeping for a long time, because his usually obnoxiously gelled hair was falling apart when he demanded to sleep.
So I decided to take initiative while Tobius was overseas and give Neil a house.
The museum room seemed an appropriate place for it- since those useless old trinkets may as well be packed away. So I began packing the room up.
I was called out at some stage halfway through packing, to deal with more fighting students.

When I returned...one of Tobius's rotten trinkets was gone.
I know he treasures those things, and I went to the fountain to try to figure out a plan for its recovery. Miss Akachi and mister Retaw asked me what was going on and I proceeded to ask them if they'd seen any suspicious activity lately.

Which, I admit, was a question much more biased towards miss Akachi.

They said no, and began to ask why. I was at my wits end, and proceeded to explain what was missing, and showed them the half packed up museum.
Miss Tsuki condensed the air in order for us to pick up on something Nathan sensed first.
A smell of sulphur and volcanic ash.
The wind movement also kicked up a tropical palm leaf.
The window had been left ajar, but the mud outside was undisturbed.
There were a few scorchmarks on the edges of things indoors, which I doubt Tobius had made, as he is always very careful around those blasted treasures.

Curioser and curiouser I became. No, carve that. I became more and more anxious.
It didn't appear to be ordinary thievery.

Once outside again, I talked to mister Knight, who admitted to not wearing armor earlier. He has remedied this, however he still received detention. He then requested to sleep down in the pits. I do not see why not. It will be an interesting time for him, if he can put up with the smell of the sometimes blocked sewers.
I may have to send someone down there eventually. The pipes get occasionally blocked up with hair and things from the kitchen- and I swear I saw the silhouette of a shoe through one of the thinner plastic pipes which I found while tunneling the other week. How these things get there, I'll never know.
I then found mister Commonsky and miss Opinius, and doles out detention to both of them, while Commonsky tried to lie about details, and miss Opinius tried to act as if I was unduly punishing her.
Honestly. Beating someone unconcious, only getting her locked in a pit which is furnished like a hotel room?
Back in my day, they'd have you strung out in the sun, dehydrated, strip you of your rations and make you run for 8 kilometers extra with glass shards in your boots.
Kids these days are ...a letdown, to say the least.
However, I must always remember that they have the potential to be great leaders one day, and try not to become disheartened by psychotic mentally ill snarky teenagers and their probably greater potential to turn out exactly as our guardians, (gravelburn their horrid selves) planned, and rain death and hellfire on the earth.

I asked the Commonsky boy, that uppity Robert, more about the fire flower.
He was unwilling until I mentioned that his father may be displeased about the detention. I covered my reasoning by saying the actual flower was fine, and that I wanted one of my own for medicinal purposes.
Things only became more complicated.

I wager Tobius will be back before the festival, until then, I am going to have to try to find this volcano with whoever stole the flower.
Or find somewhere which grows these ultra rare pieces of flora.

I am somewhat excited about going on an expedition again.
Reminds me of the older days, before this airbag of a school and its flaming paperwork.

-R. Evastyr

Routa Evastyr
Community Member
Routa Evastyr
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