So, the adventure of "The GreenPikmin" begins.

His journey is to find his brothers and find their real home. Though he will come across some things along the way. Somethings, not so good.

So the search began. It was to be a long road with many places that weren't... Home... Yes, many not home places.

Being new to the world he was confused about somethings.

Even being confused he pressed on, pressed forward to find his rightful place in this world.

Though, at last had he found it?! He place in this world?
Sadly, we shall not know.

Still wondering if there was some place for him he continued with his journey.

Though at last, sight of some true hope!

His brother pressed forward as he hung back for a while to decided better for himself if that was his path to take.

Somethings happened that he would rather not metion...

Still things happened that could be mentioned.

Finally, his path is decided, but not before some more random shananagins... Yes, Shananagins is now a word.

Again, more hope shines as another Pikmin brother is found.
Now, just to go home through the door in which Heena gives passage... Or not?

The End!