Age: twenty one years old
Race: Human
Height: Six feet two inches
Weight: One hundred and eighty pounds
Orientation: Bisexual

Appearance: Wyatt has long black hair that is usually braided back loosely. There is a one small section of his hair that is dyed green generally. He has pale white skin, with a few freckles that are speckled here and there on his face and arms. His eyes are blue green, mostly blue with flecks of green and naturally dark lashes. He is well muscled, though nothing to spectacular, with runners legs to go with it.

Personality: Friendly, kind and warm. Always ready with a smile and a laugh. Rarely gets upset or angry. Not easily pushed into a rage. But when he is angry, its not fun.

- Singing
- Music
- Smoking
- Drinking
- Dancing
- Sleeping

- Tea
- Dogs
- Hot weather
- People telling him to quit smoking

- He knows how to play Piano
- He did hand to hand combat and other martial arts for many years
- Is a pretty good bartender