well i found a dead goose by my school, i helped it fly...then from that day people call me goose..cool story huh..well i got my cat too, i found it under a tire..she's healthy now, her name's Samantha she's real young..anyways i aint selling it ever..im not old nor young im a teen and no im no gangsta..im just a kid with dreams just like you im no different..well im always happy..yea i know its bull..yea well you wna find my real truth just talk to me even tho i may not trust you..you might be spying on me and shyt...also i kno riddles i wan to tell you ask if u want a challenge..i dare you. also i watch hella movies like over 3k u wont believe..this is confidential info here..jk idgaf.gtg my fish is drowningO:..pce wahmbulance