So sorry that it's been another year...maybe more...I honestly totally forgot I had a blog on here. How can I update a year?! Way too frustrating. Let' just say I plan on rewriting my whole journal. Tell my life story! But I don't know when. Maybe when I get enough motivation and strength to start going into my past. That will be hard. I try to leave my past alone but it's that kinda thing that will always follow me for the rest of my life. I'm that kinda person that shuts and pushes everything away, so if I do this it will be one of my biggest challenges in my life. Maybe it will turn into a book someday. cat_question

Anyways hmm updates..
Personal Life: Interesting, still no job..I'm not exactly sure how that makes me feel. I know I want to do something with my life and get away from where I am..but it hasn't found me yet...know what I'm saying?? cat_rolleyes
Oh and still single..Forever alone.. *sigh*
Friend Life: It's going good, I've met new friends in the last year- which is really cool. I've been working on old relationships and it's working out great. Not fighting with any friends right now
Family: Half frustrating and half pretty good. Home Life:Frustrating. But I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned that.

I've been into a lot more different genres of music lately. Rap, Country, and some acoustic stuff. Check out Lights! & Keaton Henson. Rap wise... MGK, Yelawolf, & Tech N9NE! Country..w/e is on the radio is good. OH check out my friend Max Meeks.. A.K.A Skyline. He's on facebook! He just did his first live show close to home at some rinky dink bar called They Hydrant, pretty cool. I'll put links at the bottom when I'm done!

Speaking of him, he's been inspiring me lately. I've been writing a lot more in the last couple of months. I would put it on here but I don't want it to be stolen. That makes me sound like I have a big ego and that I think I'm amazing....I surprise myself but I don't think of myself as the best. It's just... I really care about writing and only like to show people my writing who are close to me. cat_3nodding

Recently I've also been thinking about an ex boyfriend from High-school. The one that got away so to speak...rather, I pushed away when things were getting serious. I didn't know what I wanted back then, and was confused. I was young. I honestly think about if I hadn't messed it up if we would still be together..not that I'm sure I want a relationship right now. I'm still figuring out who I am and what I want.I'm getting closer. I can feel it. I'm just a late bloomer in life. I need to experience more. End note: Part of me feels like I'll always love him. Part of me wants him to be happy, even if it's not with me. cat_confused

Anywho-until next year! Jk! Maybe... cat_lol & Yes I know there's not anybody that reads this stuff anyways..but I can always pretend! cat_wink

Confused Adventure Craving Tiff xoxo

Max Meeks/Skyline:

(One of My Faves!) Lights-Suspension:

Beautiful Voice! Keaton Henson: