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Eizo's Musings
Just for whatever I feel like posting into it, be it daily life or Gaia stuff.
MLP FC Stuff : The Shifter - WIP

Name: Lykona
Font: #336633
Type: Unicorn
Mark: Howling wolf silhouette against full moon on navy field
Talent: Natural ease around/understanding of wolves
Personality: Mildly inquisitive, headstrong, and sure of herself, Lykona considers herself something of a guardian of the forest. And a guardian to those who would pass through with no intent to harm the forest or its inhabitants.
History: Lykona (not christened name) was born to average unicorn parents in a little community off the edge of the Everfree Forest, and grew up to filly-hood in the average way. Even if controlling her inherent magic wasn't exactly one of her strong suits, she was learning it and could do a few basic things.

One day, a group of strange ponies meandered through her little hometown. They had such odd accessories, in the opinions of the community. One had feathers in their mane and tail, another carried little pouches of who knew what, and another bore what resembled war paint in odd designs on his coat. The little filly felt herself instinctively drawn to them, despite her parents' warnings, and learned that the group called themselves 'Druids'. As she inquired more about them and their ties to Nature, she felt the pull grow stronger. Something about them and what they did felt inexplicably right for the little filly.

When the Druids were leaving, the little unicorn announced to her parents that she was going with them. All the arguments her parents presented would not change her mind. There was something else, as well. The paths of these Druids required no auxiliary magic, like her inherent abilities. Her mother was stunned, and her father bewildered. She was giving up her own magic?! Such a thing was taboo, and yet their own little foal was doing it!

The young unicorn didn't care. It felt right. As much as she loved her parents, this is what she felt she must do with her life. She departed with the group of Druids that night, and was respectfully welcomed in. Her primary teacher over the course of her time spent with them would end up being the Druid with the feathers in his mane and tail: An Eagle Shifter, whose eyes could spot another potential Shifter long before the individual pony itself would feel the draw.
The little unicorn seemed to respond well to the teachings, and soon before she reached adulthood, she was able to craft her Talisman. This accessory is her tie to the spirit of the animal she would channel.

Character Q&A:
1. You see some trash on the side of the road. You feel like you should pick it up, but it's sticky and covered in filth. It might cause a problem for the local creatures if they find it. What do you do?
What? Ohh.... Other ponies are just so... Hmph! Littering my region of the forest... Disgusting! Might as well pick it up and throw it away, sticky or no sticky. Sap's worse.

2. You see an old woman being mugged by a man who is larger and stronger than you. You could help her, call the police, or act like you never saw it happen. What do you do?
Umm... Shift and scare him off? Seems like something I could do. And who wants to mess with a wolf?

3. A friend asks you for helping moving into his house. Another friend asks you to help fix his computer. The second friend has been asking you for the past week but you've been busy. Who do you help?
I don't know anything about computers, so I can't help with that. Moving isn't that hard, though.

4. What would you rather have: More friends or more time?
Umm... I think I'm fine with what I have. More friends would be nice, but there's not a lot of ponies willing to come live in Everfree. Besides, I've got the spirits and the other animals.

5. Your friend is moving away. You can only give him one of two gifts: flowers or money. Which do you choose?
I don't have much choice other than the flowers. At least the herbalist of my teachers taught me something about that! They'll make his new place feel more like home, I'd think.

6. Your uncle puts you in charge of his business because he can no longer manage it. The business is not doing so well, but you have some ideas that might help. Your far more successful rival has offered to buy your business for far more than it is worth, taking you off the market. What do you do?
I don't think this question fits me very well. I'm kind of a self-exile, y'know?

7. You're almost late for a doctor's appointment. You call up the doctor to let him know, and he gives you the option of rescheduling. You might be able to make it on time but you're not sure. What do you do?
Doctor? I think I would be asking a healer before I asked a doctor.

8. Your good friend calls you up and tells you that one of his cousins is in the hospital and he wants you to come along. You and the cousin had a falling out and hate each other for unpecified reasons. Do you stay at home or go to the hopsital?
Hospitals scare me. And I don't think they like the fact I'm a forest pony. I'm clean within my standards, but not enough for them. I guess I'd have to apologize and send some nice flowers instead.

9. You're friend has been kidnapped. They are held hostage at the end of two merging paths. The left path is a spooky forest filled with cut-throats and the right path is ablaze and barely passable. Which do you choose?
Why is part of the forest ablaze, is what I'd like to know! I'd like to meet THAT villain and show him how to give some respect! Anyway... I'm not scared of the forest, and... Well, I can shift. I scare other ponies when I shift. I don't think cut-throats would be that much different.

10. You find a wallet on the ground. It belongs to someone you know, an older person with memory problems, but you don't know them all that well. There are a few bucks in it, a negligible amount. Do you take the money or return it as is?
I return it. I don't need money.

11. You find a bottle labeled, "Change who you are." What does it mean? Will it change your species, talent, outlook on life? Do you drink it? If you do drink it, what does it end up doing to you?
No thank you! I'm fine with who I am, thank you!

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