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My name is: Aya Hitomi Sohma

But you may call me: Loli-Chii, Aya-Chan, or Aya-Sama

I have been alive for: Twenty-Two (not that you could tell)

I was born on: October 13

I have a dark secret: I'm a Moneky~!

My story is: Aya has loving parents. Surprisingly. Out of all the parents in the Sohma family to get, Aya was lucky enough to get the ones who didn't mind about the curse. They raised her near the main estate and she grew up happy and loved. She went to public school and managed to make friends with everyone she tolerated met. The only thing worth mentioning about her parents, is that like her, Aya's mother is a loli. So with this kind of family, it's no wonder Aya grew up ruing the day she would be an adult. Her mother didn't exactly help this, seeing as she was just like her daughter. Her father tried to get Aya to "grow up" but it didn't quite work. So in a final and desperate attempt to make Aya mature and responsible, the couple "kicked her out" of their house. Things didn't go as planned. To avoid the long story, Aya is now allowed to come home whenever she wants. Which she does. Occasionally. But mostly she is out mooching off of others. Not a care in the world~ And to everyone's surprise, Aya did get a job... at a Maid Café...

I am unique because: Put simply, she's childish. Her mood sways easily and can be triggered by anything. One minuet, she'll be adorable and innocent, and the next she'll be cursing and attacking you. She is unpredictable and it's easy to forget she's legally of age. She abuses this mistake to get her way and can get out of any situation with ease. She is snarky and sarcastic, yet cheerful and endearing. She loves to cling to people but also pulls pranks on everyone. But Aya can be serious when needed. She is fully capable of acting her age and being responsible. She just prefers not to. After all, being an adult is boring.

I like: Naps, Candy, "Visiting", Playing, and Cute things

I dislike: Being woken up, Veggies, Loneliness, and Being Serious

My most precious item is: I don't have one silly~

I live: I'm an adult! I live where I WANT! (technically homeless)

The person behind my mask is: Salem Lucid Ester