Long ago, there was a great kingdom built on the moon. Protected by strong guardians who got powers from other planets in that solar system, this moon kingdom was very prosperous and peaceful. Together with a planet called Earth, the beings of the celestial bodies lived in peace for many years.
All things must end eventually though, and soon a great evil corrupted this land, and the moon kingdom was turned to ruins. Years later, new soldiers were born on that 'Earth' planet, and soon the whole story began to replay itself, only this time, the new kingdom that grew on Earth would not give in to enemies so easily, and it would last an eternity.

But this is a different tale...

In another place, far, far away from that blessed moon kingdom, rose another civilization. This one was on a small, golden body that orbited a large, cold, planet. The people of this warm, golden body were all blessed with longevity, and their warm moon was easy to live on. The people of the cold planet were short-lived, and they had to struggle for everything. The two kingdoms did not get along very well.
One day, a royal princess from that golden moon, traveled down to the desolate planet. The name of the planet was Threal. The princess was blown away by the people of Threal's tall, elegant structures. Somehow, they made this empty planet into something beautiful. The thing that impressed her most of all was the willpower of the planet's inhabitants.
Oh, the people! They were the ones who made this what it was. They were dedicated and strong, and they were determined to make their civilization prosperous even though the odds were stacked against them. The princess was in love. She thought her people could learn from them: learn how to create and destroy delicately, just like the beings of Threal.
And then to top her little trip off, she met someone special on that planet. The most hardworking man of all, but a lowly peasant. That didn't matter to the princess, and she fell in love with him. And he loved her just as much. That love went on for a very long time before it turned into something more. It became a new kind of love; a passion. The two began to take their love even further until something both terrible and wonderful at the same time happened...
The princess was pregnant.
The golden society thought it was a scandal for sure! How could this happen, right under their noses? The people of golden moon naturally assumed that the people of Threal had done something horrible to their precious heiress. How could they? The golden society asked the constellations in their sky for the power to avenge their princess. The constellations granted certain individuals special powers, creating the first Sailor Soldiers of the Golden Moon.
Naturally, Threal's people didn't like being accused of something they had never done. They assembled soldiers as well, but not the same kind. They could not ask celestial bodies for help, so they created a new kind of sailor soldier. There soldiers had to have deep rooted emotions, strong feelings, in order to call upon their powers. They became the sailors of emotions, and they fought with their hearts.

The battle was henceforth begun.

Of course, this battle did not end well. After spending millennia fighting and fighting, the princess, who had been protected by both her longevity and her soldiers, fled from golden moon to Threal. She longed for her beloved's embrace; they had not met since their relationship was exposed, so this was the first time her beloved would had ever seen their child.
Unfortunately, the mixture of races had not boded well for the child. She was fragile and weak.
When the princess got to her lover's home, she found it burned to the ground, her beloved long since dead from old age.
The princess was thrown into deep mourning, and with her sickly baby, she stayed holed up in the ashes of her loved one's room for a very long time. Eventually, she realized that countless other people could be feeling this same pain from all the death the war caused.

She felt responsible for their pain.

She could hardly bear the guilt, but unlike the cowardly princess of Silver Millenium, she did not kill herself. Instead, she searched her deepest feelings and desires. The princess found that her only wish was for peace to be restored.
So, using her deep-seeded feelings, she created the Topaz Crystal, a tool meant only for bringing peace. She used the power of this crystal to ease the minds of all the people, and end the war.
The brave princess died shortly after using the crystal, leaving her child to take on the thrown in her place. But the child was not strong enough, and could not handle the crystal's power. Instead, she was put into a slumber, waiting in the palace of the golden moon for her strength.

Now, many years later, the planet Threal has repopulated and become prosperous once more. But an enemy is resting beneath the peaceful surface of the cold planet. The soul of old king of Threal is waiting for that powerful Topaz Crystal to become his, as well as the energy of the brave and powerful soldiers. With them as his puppets, he plans to take over the planet once more, and this time he won't let any descendants of that Golden Moon to thrive in his domain...
The sickly princess was woken up and sent to live on the planet, so that she may use the power of the Topaz Crystal to protect her people, but she can't win the fight alone! Soldiers are starting to popup all over, soldiers who embody strong emotions, and use the powers of their hearts to fight. A select few soldiers have been given special powers by the constellations in the sky, as well!

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