Hello my Darlings!!

So I will be letting you know I finished season one of Kurosh*tsuji or known as Black butler...It was amazing. I ended up crying my eyes out for the last few episodes. But now in season two we are introduced to a few new characters. I think its Abberlines twin brother, Claude and Alois Trancy. In this season Ceil has lost his memories and well now Sebastian and every one are making it seem as normal as ever. They still investigate supernatural cases and well sebastian is still as hot as ever!!!! Ohhh I fell like crying because he forgot that Madame Red died in season one by the hands of grell! Ohhh how sad!!! I feel like he will cry once he remembers!!! Oh its just awful! Well here is a new list of animes I have found!
Hana Kimi
Trinity Blood
Free! Iwatobi Swim Team (Came out this summer New episode today!!!)

Oh right I had totally forgot about the new episode!!! Now I shall depart and watch more Kurosh*tsuji and Then to watch the hot teens of Free! Iwatobi swim team!

Tata my kittens!!