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Raven4evr's Gaia Weblog!!! Here I talk about music, hobbies, television, computer sites, movies, pets, and pretty much anything else that I think up! Comments are welcome (flames too :P) and I love to chat!!! --_--

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member
It's My Birthday!!!
Yay! blaugh Today is my birthday! I'm so happy, but it seems like this year has flown by. sweatdrop I guess the older you get, the faster it goes. In celebration, I bought my birthstone crown and a birthday cupcake from Flynn, and equipped them. cool This birthday is one of the major milestone birthdays of one's life, and I hope I have a good time today!!! It's my dad's birthday too, so I get to share it with him as well!!! 4laugh Whoot! Well, I'll catch y'all later then! Ciao! mrgreen

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Total Gaia Makeover!!!
Well, today, I made a decision. The old, had-it-since-I-got-on-Gaia purple Wing hairdo was getting kinda old, and let's just say my name was a little boring. So...ta da! I decided what the heck? I'll make some cool Japanese name and get a new hairdo. Now, my name is Tsukikiri Koibara, or 'Moonmist Darkrose', and I have the red (looks orange, though, but I want it that way blaugh ) Wave hair now!!! WoOt!!! I lurve it, and I think my Gwee is happy, too! wink I like how it looks like I have a dragon tail and wings when he's on my back! My mic necklace is snazzy, too, though I prefer the speaker wings... mrgreen Whee! I'm so happy! I also bought Gills today...sweetness... mrgreen

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member
What I Think About Hunting
Hunting. Just the word makes me shudder. I had to listen to some little sixth grader talk about his awesome hunting experiences on the bus all the way home from school today, and I was prompted to write this because of it. Ok, lets go through the basics. Humans with far more advanced technology than the defenseless animals dress up in camouflage and hide in the shadows so when the animals come by, trying to survive in the wild, they can shoot them down. Humans are too weak to hunt by themselves, so they use advanced guns and sniper rifles to kill the poor animals painfully and mercilessly. If they have lived a long time and are big or have large antlers, in the case of deer, the humans scoop out their insides and stuff them with cotton, mounting their maimed heads on the wall. Who thinks that looks 'pretty'? If anyone tries to talk to me again about their 'prize' trophy, they will get a fist in their mouth. Sure, hang up the ill-gotten 'trophy'. You obviously worked SO hard to get it. (Oh, look. A deer! BANG!!! Yay! Let's hang it up on the wall to stay, embarrased and defiled, forever!!!) Ugh. Hunters make me sick.

It's Valentine's Day!!!
Well, today is Valentine's Day and you all know what that means! Some people may have noticed that my money has depleted a lot recently...cuz i got 3 people presents instead of 1!!! First, VampirePiggyHunter got a black leather vest cuz he helped me get my signature on here and lent me his photobucket account. Mimazz got a ruffled white top cuz she went through a bad time recently with...someone...and deserves a mood-lifter. FantasyTigress got Grey SKA shoes that were on her wish list because she has been having family problems and needs something to cheer her up!!! Well, that's all for now, TaTa! And I hope the peeplez liked their presents!!! mrgreen

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member
Friend Problems
Well, I feel just great right now. crying My two best friends, who are on gaia, just messaged me yesterday with horrible news from BOTH of them. That made me feel soo sorry for them and now i feel horrible cuz I cant do anything to help them except console them in their times of need... crying but i dont think thats enuf, do u? All i wish is that i could go over and tell them its ok, that things are going to get better, but one might be on the brink of depression. The other is recovering, i think, from the mighty blow to her heart, and i am soo unbelievingly glad for that. The circumstances, of course, make all the difference, and i hope my recovering friend isnt mad about this, but the second friend has it a lot worse. I cant tell the other about the other's problem, so they dont know whats going on, and I cant tell you, my journal readers, because doing either thing would be a huge blow to their trust. I can tell u one thing, though. I dont think either of them will evr be the same again. crying If ne1 has more advice for me to give them, it would be a huge help. crying cry neutral smile mrgreen

Valentine's Day!!!
Well, Valentine's Day is coming up, and I have decided to start a Gaia tradition. Depending on how things have been going the past couple of weeks, I will pick one of my friends randomly, or non-randomly, (depending on if this person has especially helped out or not) and give them a special Valentine's Day prize!!! mrgreen Yaaay! Sowwy, I would get everyone something, but I don't have enuf money... sweatdrop soo, ya! Actually, I think I'll do this every holiday, so noone will feel left out! 3nodding Well, that's all for now! Ta-Ta!!! mrgreen

P.S. Thank you VampirePiggyHunter7 for helping me with my siggy, w/o u I nevr would have gotten my fave TT pic on here! mrgreen

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member
My Fave TT Quotes!!!
Oh, I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of this one...
Whoa, that was actually more depressing then what I was going to say.
^1)Heh, you're actually kinda funny!
I'd really rather just stay here and drown.
Two words: Breath Mints.
*2)Where did you learn history, a cereal box?
*4)... sweatdrop
%2)To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him?
&2)Frightening. Truly frightening.
(her addition after SERIOUS 2)For what? You're not the one who...
(her addition after SERIOUS 3) I know it was all a lie, but he was the only one who ever made me feel like I wasn't...creepy.
Azurath Metrion Zinthos!!! (black energy shoots from her hands)
#2)Could you please stop talking like that?

Beast Boy sad hang on this is going to be a long one)
Heh, you called me dude...
Now I know how George Washington felt when Napoleon beat him at Pearl Harbor.
*1)No cake and no tea! So the king of England, King George...or maybe it was King Norman...well, anyway, the British were trying to make the colonists drink all this tea. But they were like DUDE! No way! We're sick of your nasty old tea AND your crummy english muffins! So they decided, REVOLUTION!!!
#1)(in British accent on account of falling victim to Mad Mod's hypno screen)British engineering, love. Finest in the world.
#3)(in British accent)You're just jealous because I sound like a rock star! (shows him doing a rockin' guitar solo in front of millions of fans WHOOHOO!!! cool )
*3)What's your point?
%1)Why did the aardvark cross the road?
You don't need to see our identification...(trying the jedi mind trick, he taking raven's cloak of course, and pulls it around his own shoulders to her angry shock)
&1)We're below the detention level, so all we have to do is make a right at the particle flux conduit and...
Brainfreeze!!!(groans from other Titans)
^2)You think I'm FUNNY!?!!! I..I know some jokes!!!(Raven groans and realizes the baad mistake she just made, settling her fate of listening to his constant jokes for the next few years)
(Cyborg has just thrown BB halfway across the room for trying to cheer him up by doing a little trick w/ a cookie)Hey, you're supposed to laugh...what do I have to do, make it fly out my...

SERIOUS eek shocking, I kno...:
1)Her name was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend, and she was one of the bravest people I have ever known.
2)Raven? I just wanted to say...I'm sorry.
3)No, I'm sorry that...he broke your heart.(this has recently happened to him)
4)Fine. You're way creepy. But that doesn't mean you have to stay locked up in your room. You think you're alone, Raven, but you're not. (at the end of his little monologue, she rushes out of her room to give him a tight bear hug heart to his shocked surprise eek *because she is very reserved and has NEVER hugged anyone before*)

This Rae/BB conversation happened at the end of the End Pt 3 (best EVER!!! kinda)
and I'm too lazy to go back and forth. Here it is.

(Raven has just hugged Robin out of joy that the prophecy was over and they were safe, and that he helped her the most... stare *grumble, grumble*)
BB: Hold on! (evidently jealous of the attention Robin is getting from Raven) The long hair and smile was creepy enough, but HUGS??!! Are you sure you're still...you?
Raven: Blue is still my favorite color. (smile disappears)But don't get used to the smile because you're still not funny.
BB:Huh? (Pulls back, then, in one giant leap, covers the ground between them and sweeps her into a huge bear hug, grinning widely heart ) Raven!!!
Raven:Quit it! (outwardly peeved, but inwardly happy wink heart ) *everyone else's faces come in, grinning*

Well, that's all for now. I only did BB and Raven's cuz I just realized how long this will take, there are WAAAY too many funny bits in the 60 some eppies, tho these two take the cake at saying the most, and these were the funnies (and seriouses that ROCK!!!) that I could remember from them offhand...must. watch. eps. and. remember. more!!! ok thaz all for now cya!!! mrgreen

Ok right now my main problem is getting a signature. I already have some awesome pictures lined up but cannot figure out how to get them on there right... sweatdrop I've been told hundreds of times how to get them on there but all tries were in vain. xp If ANYONE knows how to get pics on their signature w/o having to sign up for a photobucket or tinypic account, PLZ tell me and it will be much appreciated!!! xd xd xd Ok I'll cu guyz l8r!!! mrgreen

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member

Tsukikiri Koibara
Community Member
This surprise eppie contained the surprise we TT lovers have been waiting for for 3 seasons!!! Terra is back from the 'dead'!!!!!!! xd The sad thing is she acts like she can't remember the Titans and broke BB's heart...again. crying You should have seen him, he was soo happy when he saw Terra. Then when she said he should forget her, he was soo heartbroken. gonk heart gonk But the Titans needed him, so he left. When Slade was making him angry and he was fighting with him in the house of mirrors I thought that BB was gonna go werewolf on us again, he was so furious! And I was soo happy when he killed Slade until he lifted the rock and it was yet another Slade robot. They CANNOT cancel Teen Titans after this, not after bringing Terra back and bringing in all of those new Titans!!!!!!!! xd xd xd P.S. Did you know that Jericho is Slade's son? Did you know that in the comics Terra came back as a girl who thought she was brainwashed to believe she was Terra but was actually Terra? That may be what is happening here! Did anyone notice the cameos in this eppie? First, the high school is called Murikame High (Murikame is the creator/director of TT) and second, Napoleon Dynamite was spotted several times around the high school! I'll see you soon! mrgreen

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