>> User.} l Von l
>> Character.} Von

>> Alignment.} Can go either way, depending on who he's around
>> Role.} basically a pet
>> Age.} can't remember due to bad memory

>> Appearance.} Von

>> Personality.} Von is a bit odd. He can be a bit out there at times. He is naive and that often gets him into trouble. He will defend those he cares for with everything he has. Von has a habit of memory loss. one second he'll know exactly who, what, when and where. Then the next he forgets. He tends to be a bit clingy, meaning he'll follow you around no matter where you go. He likes to curl up in a ball and just watch what's going on sometimes.
>> Abilities.} Von is able to climb walls using his claws.He can flex into any position and be completely comfortable in it. Von is also able to run at breakneck speeds when he wants to or if he's in danger. Due to drinking something in his master's lab that he shouldn't, he changes genders when he sneezes.
>>Weapon of choice.} His claws and teeth

>> Flaw(s).} Due to his terrible memory Von is easy to manipulate sometimes. He is also very naive about many things.
>> Image Song.} Von's Song
>> Additional Information.} Von is asexual, meaning he doesn't like any gender. He is this way because he constantly loses his memory. Von loves bright colors. He also loves it when people scratch his ears and under his chin.
>> Other(Ex: RP sample).} Von jumped back as the door slammed and locked. He turned when the man started talking to face him. As the horns and head wings came out something in his mind began to click into place. When he caught sight of the tail he blinked a few times. there was a name on the tip of his tongue. He jumped onto one of the desks and crouched there looking at the man he knew, yet couldn't place. He tilted his head to the side.