Clare sat peacefully on top of the roof, staring at the stars in the night sky. She didn't think that she would get to Barton town this late at night. Because of that she couldn't find an inn to stay at for the night.

She wasn't mad about not finding an inn. Rather she was happy. It meant she could sleep under the stars tonight.

But instead of sleeping. She found herself wide awake. With nothing to do.

All of a sudden Clare heard screaming coming from one of the gates of Barton town.

She swiftly stood up. Clare stood there with her eyes closed searching for where the noise was coming from. But Clare had no luck finding the source of the sound.

She decided to find Leon, instead of searching for the sound. Clare raced down the streets of Barton town.

Soon she ran out of breath. Clare looked around for a broom or anything like it. She knew that she could use it to fly.

Clare found what she was looking for. The broom is old and has been used a lot. But it is a broom no less.

She felt the wind blowing her hair. Clare took a couple of deep breaths. She took to the sky. Fighting the wind that is pushing her back towards the ground.

But Clare would not give up. She overcame the wind, Clare sat on her broom looking for Leon. No matter where she looked Clare could not find Leon.

But she did see a man in a black cloak. Before Clare could do anything he vanished from her sight.

Clare slowly floated towards the ground. Hoping That everything was going to be alright