i had to write this up <3 i just had to. it was so adorable.]]

Chris yawned as he sat on the couch. he flipped through some channels when he saw something move out of the corner of his eye. looking down at the blanket next to him he poked it. It made a little noise. Chris thought it was a familiar cute noise. then suddenly a small hooded head popped out from under the blanket. Chris' little daughter was wearing a panda outfit and was trying to sneak up on him. Chris couldn't help but laugh at little baby Shayna Redfield. his little girl. his baby. he still couldn't believe she was born almost 2 years ago. Shayna smiled up at him and raised her hands "pa" she cooed and chris' smile brighten. he was now over whelmed. he thought he would never get her to talk, and here she said her first word. looking adorable as ever.
Chris smiled fondly at the memory. Shayna was always going to be his little girl, no matter how old she got. she was always daddy's little soldier as she put it. her first word was dad, and everyday she called him that. everyday she said pops, father or just dad. he smiled but what made him smile the most, what gave just a little bit of hope. was when she called him daddy. sometimes it was when she needed help but that's what made his heart race the most. knowing Shayna will never stop needing his help, his guidance. she'll never stop being the true reason he fights. and that will never change. no matter how independent she seems. no matter the ranks she achieves. she was his motivation.