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Lunatic Magpie
Community Member
My Eventful Graduation Day
May 19, 2011
(This has been moved here from the "About" part of my profile.)

So here is the rundown of my day:
1. Got up at 8 and got ready to go.
2. Left around 9 am to go pick up my friend (a fellow Gaian who goes by the screenname Silver Tsumugari) who needed a ride to my graduation.
3. Highlight text at indicated area AFTER you finish reading the list. It won’t have the same effect if you read it beforehand.
4. My grandparents (on my mom’s side) had to come pick us up on THEIR way to my graduation.
5. Called my school’s principal and explained what was going on. He delayed the graduation a bit so I wouldn’t miss it.
6. After I got there, a few teachers “flew” to my side and took my coat and helped me to get into my cap and gown.
7. My graduation.
8. Reunion with my estranged father and paternal grandparents (who weren’t really estranged).
9. Learned that my father is now living in Tuscon, Arizona. Until now, we didn't know where he was living.
10. Learned that I no longer have 3 step-brothers due to my father getting a divorce. I haven't met the oldest, though.
11. Learned that while the older of my 2 half-sisters is Autistic, the younger is actually normal (contrary to what I had believed). I only met them for a week several years ago.
12. Lunch with friend, Mom, maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents, and my father.
13. After we got to the resteraunt, I made my friend into my purse. xp I didn't have any pockets, and I needed someone to hold on to my chapstick.
14. After we drop off my friend at his house, my grandparents drop Mom and I off at home.
15. I get into my lazy clothes, remove my make-up, and remove my contacts.
16. I discover afterward that my purse stole my chapstick. stare
17. I began to update my profile.

So are you itching to know what happened that caused my grandparents to have to come and pick us up and me to be a little late? Do you really want to know? Are you sure? Do you want me to just shut up now and tell you?

Wish granted.

--- Beginning of #3 (Highlight text below) ---
We were on the way to my graduation just laughing and having a good time when we were…



The truck was coming up from behind us in the lane to our left. It tried to merge into our lane, and, apparently, the driver didn’t see us (It was coming up from BEHIND us! WTF?!), and the trailer hit us. Our car fish-tailed for a few seconds before Mom managed to regain control of it and turned into the parking lot of the Octopus Car Wash. The truck stopped, and the driver came over to help. While we were waiting for my grandparents to come and pick us up, Mom ran into the building of the car wash to ask if it was okay for us to leave the car there for the time being until we could get it towed (it was). The driver-side rear tire was completely mangles and shredded, and the arch above the tire on the actual car itself was beat up too. Despite being shaken up, I had to just shake it off and just focus on getting to my graduation ASAP. After I got there, I learned that another graduate (who to be seated RIGHT NEXT TO ME) had also been in a wreck on the way there. He had spun out and another car hit him. He was okay, though. Now, the car’s been towed, Mom got a rent-a-car, and has been having to deal with all of the insurance stuff.

---End of #3 ---

So, this is me after getting side-swiped by a semi truck: biggrin

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