How time flies, we're now celebrating the 15th year of Gaia Online!

For anyone who is reading this, a big thank you for all of you who love and care for the Gaia Online community. The online world had changed dramatically throughout the years, and it is beyond our greatest expectation that we are still able to do what we love till this very day. Without your support, all this wouldn't be possible.

We spent a lot of thought in the current valentine's event, though the scope is small, I love the idea of having events that encourage interactions between players in a meaningful way, and moving forward we'll not only focus on that more, but to find ways to make a lot of the event features part of the site moving forward.

Recent work had been all upgrades and overhaul. The server upgrades had been grueling with endless bugs to fix, while the security upgrade for Towns left a lot of Gaians unable to use some of the core features such as the friend finder function. We will try our best to fix those functions, while planning to start work on converting our flash games and Towns to HTML 5 as soon as the mobile app is ready. Recent work also include upgrades for some of the tools that are used by the art team, so these won't show up on the website, but should help the art team speed up the process in item creation.

We had a neat little feature for the Gaia anniversary ball. I hope that you'll enjoy it! Happy Anniversary!