Damn i cant believe there isnt any Dub K fans

Im desprite enough to cosplay pee wee and ask kids to get in my van

These new shows on mtv makes me want to put a gat in my hand

My finger is getting itchy like beach sand in the little mermaids b***h vaj

You should never double cross me

I'll rap with C4 on my chest so all my fans need more from the Retard of the West

i don't do any hash tag swag f** s**t i must confess

Im the man and i can prove it

Ill be all up in your a** like a doctor giving you a prostate exam

Im about to lose it

Very close into cutting off pornstars implant boobs and glue it on to drew barrymore, cause she can really use it

******** whores

I say that straight from my ball sack

Back in school i used to climb a tree and pull down my jeans and wait for female teens in a large crowd

s**t on them till they are covered in all brown cause they said no to me

"Get down!" said the principal "Why are you acting like this?!"

While wiping my a** i said " CAUSE IM ALWAYS ******** MISERABLE!!!"

Its been months since i ******** a b***h, hard to get girls to suck my d**k

And preschool kids keep pointing and making fun of it

Im done with it

Im about to go postal like colorados joker

But instead i dye my hair pink

hide in a carnivals cottan candy bowl

surprise people and j**z in their tonsils

and get my a** beat like Rodney King

Dub Dash K

equipped with molotovs hash and grenades

give no love, just bash all these hoes that have aids

your average womanizing son of a b***h who's smiling

while watching his ex burn to death... its kind of a fetish

im not a criminal i just dont get caught

tear you apart like animal

i do more than just talk

people ask if im gay

told them im not

i just hate bitches a lot

and it seems that i can never stop

i dont do the dougie neither the hokie pokie

nor the pop lock and drop it

just stretch the c**k out and let hoes see it flip floppity on their lips and bodies

Nobody can freakin stop me

toked the ******** out, i got that chronic high

paranoid, i feel like i'm being watched by the illuminatic eye

"Dub quiet now, don't rap about them"

s**t i couldn't even if i tried


cause it seems every mic i use does suicide

suicide, suicide is on my mind

just playin

if i had a razor blade i couldnt even slit my ******** wrist

i lost the energy to grip

cause too much time being alone got my hands sore from beating my d**k

"don't you have any friends?"

you mean the assholes who use you for money

talk cheap s**t around my back like they think that they're funny?

"Dubs a loser, Dubs a Psycho, He cant even grip a mic and flow"

bitches, i can do the ******** i want

aslong as i got this bomb strapped to my chest... s**t its about to go off