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¿♠♥♣ Thoughts of a Foolish Wiseman ♣♥♠?
Whatever Crosses My Path
Story in my head
I had been sitting around campus when I thought of an idea for a storyline. I don't have any intentions of writing more, I just got bored and I thought I might like to write a story. The basic storyline is about headphones that can let you hear peoples thoughts.

*updated Mon, Jun, 22, 2009*

"Headphones? No plug....two buttons, and one of them goes to a purple laser light" he said to himself. He picked up the headphones and looked in the box for instructions on how to plug them in. "Hm?" he muttered as he noticed a small yellow and black mp3 player in the box, it had a number 4 on it. He picked it up and pressed the button in the middle of it. A purple light appeared at the top of the player and a beam of light shot from it. He quickly dropped it on the floor. The player screen glowed with a picture on it. He bent over to take a closer look at the picture. "Thats....me." he said suprised. He heard sounds coming from the headphones "User...Nik..". He picked up the headphones he had dropped along with the player and put them on. He didn't hear anything so he began to take them off. "WAIT YOUNG MASTER!" a voice rang out. Niko spun around startled "What the hell was that?!" he thought to himself. "That was me young master." british man's voice said. "Woh woh wait a minute I didn't say anything" Niko responded. "You didn't have to young master." said the voice. Niko finally noticed the voice was coming from the headphones "Who are you?" he asked. "More precisely, WHAT, rather than WHO you mean young master". "I am the Multi Audio Nuero Transfer Ear 4". Niko thought to himself "M A N..." but was interupted "Young master the name yo..." this time the voice was interupted by Niko "Your name is MONTY." he said. The voice fell silent and then responded "Processing. Voice data saved. Monty". "Very well, young master may refer to me as Monty.". Niko suddenly realized "You can hear what I'm thinking". "Process not hear Young master" Monty said. "Process?". "It is my directive to process brain wave frequencies of other individuals and feed them to my user in the form of audio output in the language of the user". "Ooo...k?" Niko said confused. "I see you are still confused. Would Young master like a demonstration?". "Sure...I..I guess."."Look out the window young master" Niko walked to the window as instructed "ok?" "Is there anyone out there young master?" Monty asked "Yea a couple of skater kids getting yelled at by an old guy, and stop calling me young master, it was nice at first but its getting annoying" "duely noted master, press the button that turns on frequency link" "you lost me" "the purple laser light master, press it and aim it at someones head for 3 seconds then let go of the button" Monty instructed. Niko turned the headset so the the laser at the bottom was aiming at one of the kids heads. He held the button down as directed and after 3 seconds the headset made a small beep and he let button go. Instantly he heard the sound of a young boy in the headset "This guy is so old. How does have enough energy to breathe let alone yell?". Niko couldn't believe what he was hearing, he could actually hear what the kid was thinking. "Oh dear, such disrepect to ones elders, how rude. Don't you agree master?" Monty asked. "My name is Niko, can you please call me Niko, not master" Niko snapped. "My apologies Niko, I will hence forth refer to you as Niko on occasion unless told to do otherwise" Monty said. "So where did you come from Monty?" Niko asked. "I....I don't know. User 1 wiped my memory database clean.". "User 1?" Niko thought "User 1, my creator, or at least I believe so.". Once again Niko was suprised at the response to the question in his head. "So how do you know what I'm thinking I didn't put the....link thingy on my head." "Actually when you activated me I took it upon myself to link to you, as is my directive of course."

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