>> User.} Unsocial Dreamer
>> Character.} Von

>> Alignment.} Can go either way, depending on who he's around
>> Role.} basically a pet
>> Age.} can't remember due to bad memory

>> Appearance.} Von
light purple ears, hair and tail. Pale skin, Black eyes

>> Personality.} Von is a bit odd. He can be a bit out there at times. He is naive and that often gets him into trouble. He will defend those he cares for with everything he has. Von has a habit of memory loss. one second he'll know exactly who, what, when and where. Then the next he forgets. He tends to be a bit clingy, meaning he'll follow you around no matter where you go. He likes to curl up in a ball and just watch what's going on sometimes.
>> Abilities.} Von is able to climb walls using his claws.He can flex into any position and be completely comfortable in it. Von is also able to run at breakneck speeds when he wants to or if he's in danger. Due to an accident he can't remember he changes genders when he sneezes.
>>Weapon of choice.} His claws and teeth

>> Flaw(s).} Due to his terrible memory Von is easy to manipulate sometimes. He is also very naive and childish.
>> Image Song.} Von's Song
>> Additional Information.} Von is gay and loves bright colors. He also loves it when people scratch his ears and under his chin.
>> Other(Ex: RP sample).} Von sighed as he sat on the roof of the abandoned building. He leaned back, using his arms for support, and looked up at the sky. His ears drooped on the sides of his head as his tail curled around his hip and rested on his lap. He blinked slowly and tried to think of what this feeling was. It was an empty feeling. He didn't like it. "Why Von feel this way?" he asked no one. Since no one was there with him. It felt like something was missing, but what? He turned his gaze to the city before him. From his perch here on the roof of one of the taller buildings, he had a good view of the other buildings.
Von had woken earlier to find himself in the park. He didn't know how he'd gotten there, or even where he belonged. The only thing he knew, was that his name was Von and that he had to hide. He didn't know why he had to hide, but it was instinct. He reached up and brushed a hand though his light purple hair. Letting off another sigh before standing up. He grabbed the hat from next to where he'd been sitting and covered his ears. His tail wrapping around his waist like a belt. Pleased that he was somewhat hidden he made his way to the stairs to leave the building. He would begin looking for what could fill the emptiness inside him.