I've been back from my Uncle's and Aunt's house now for about 4 days, and I have to say that I still miss not being there something horrible. I so felt like one of their family, specially when they included me in prayer, but now I have returned to my own home, which has very little Christian influence in it. I mean, sure it's cool that I am home again, but I miss singing praises with others besides myself, and being joyful about the King. I miss that, and I wish I could go back. Sure it's cool that we're going to go camping in Sept., but I probably won't want to come back again, because that's how it was two days before I had to leave. I actually cried then, and they let me stay an extra day, but I still miss them. I miss someone being home all the time, and I miss that family vibe they had. Probably none of you know this but, Im home alone for 13 hours or more each day by myself, and it gets pretty lonely. I just wish it was last week again, so I could be over there...><

Be Safe Everyone,