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The Rambles of the Indygo
Something I write up when I'm heffed on suger and going insane
E-FED Thoughts
Hello all, Indy here. Hoping if anyone reads my journal, Im gonna create a new e-fed. Now you may say to yourself "But Indy, we got tons of e-feds in Gaia", that may be true but none of them have match writing. What is Match writing? Its where you and your opponent write parts or all of your match. Now this isn't Godmodding. God Modding, to me, is when you do a Goldberg (spear, jackhammer, pin). This style of e-fedding requires communication between you, your partner(s) and opponent(s) to determine how your match should go, explain how each wrestler works and vice versa.

Now when it comes creating a fed, I need to figure out where the e-fed would be placed. I am currently thinking of either Seattle, where Nirvana is from or.....have it based on Durem, under a storyline involving the Durem characters....help me decide


Art is wonderful
*Turns on the camera*

Hello it's Indy, your favorite Canadian wrestling fan about to advertise for a special someone


_b_u_r_a_k_ and happy_goth_buf are two gals who know how to draw, want proof?

User Image

Lovely isn't it; _b_u_r_a_k_ drew it for me. On the left is myself, when I'm not carrying all bladed equipment, the other smaller is David, a character of mine. So just to remember: David (c) by Me

So if you want good art but you lack funs for people who offer 30,000g for a headshot or you're just plain cheap, go to these gals. They know how to draw and they have competitive prices

Well this is Indy saying

"When God gives you lemons, YOU FIND A NEW GOD!!"

********. THE. WORLD.
This weekend has been ******** s**t. Pure ******** s**t. Three days, I've been forced to either do ******** dishes and/or cut pizzas and fry/sauce chicken wings. Friday was the worst cause I was asked to come in three hours before I usually work to make premade pizzas (so cooks don't have to keep on running to the cooler to grab pizzas). Later that night, when it starts getting busy, I get sent to dishes by Allison. Stupid ******** b***h! While during dishes, I take a little sit because my feet were abit sore, only for a minute (this is not even an exageration, barely over a minute), and the b***h comes from the corner, looks at me and says "Are you just going to sit there all day?" ******** WHORE!!
Saturday was alright cause she's gone during the night, only doing days, but she didn't even do garbage. She made premakes, cuts/bags lettace, bags wings but she doesn't do garbage, something that takes two-three minutes (four if you're me) which is FULL of dough from the day before, AND THAT'S ALOT OF DOUGH!! She was training someone though but due to how many pans were left under cut table, I'd say that day wasn't that busy. It takes me, Larisa; the closing manager, and Angela (oh she's so beautiful heart ) to take that garbage load and throw that massive dough out. ******** b***h! I hope her kid gets held back or gets ADD!!!
Today, I worked 8 hours. Now I haven't worked that long for a long time. I barely have the stamina to do it. If it wasn't for the sugar-free Red Bull (r), I don't think I would have lasted. Michael, my day manager, helped out with all the other stuff so all I did was wings, garbages (I did both garbages today, one all by myself, so ******** YOU ALLISON!!), premakes and did some dishes. I still end up doing cut and wings, but I get alot of support because I gave up next sunday to do another 8 hour shift, plus I got free wings and not do my usual pre-closer. Still, this weekend SUCKED a**. If I ever quit, I will tell Allison so ******** herself.
Tomorrow, I'll do see Transformers, I promise that

Indy smile

Yo all

Well I'm kinda annoyed by that Mr. McMahon imatator in the Sports Entertainment and Games board. He's very annoying. I know he's an imatator but he's acting like a ******** nimrod. I just love blowing him off biggrin

Anyway, nothing much has happned recently. Trying to convince my parents to go to Calgary to see SOAD. and I'm still jobless...Which sucks biggrin

Well see ya

Indy :p

Ok, this has gotten to me for some time

as you know, I am an e-fedder. I e-fed to several feds but Im mostly at TKW at the Resident Evil Community website

Ive been searching for new feds but Im starting to get pissed off. First off, all of them are promo-based. I know a promo is important but let me clarify something to you: WWE might be based on promos but everywhere else is basing on ******** WRESTLING!!

Id like to find a fed where two or more people post in one thread for a match and none of this bullshit Gaia God Mod s**t. Note, if the opponent gives oks and you ask him to approve something, its not god modding, its better writing. Its trying to win a ******** match!! If I can find a Gaia e-fed guild that doesn't fallow the ******** God-Mod bullshit rule, Ill join but for now, Im trapped in TKW.

Now with the promo things, I went to a promo fed and become a jobber. I ******** hated it when I was forced to lose to a guy who admited that he was a ******** yardtard and said how that made him hardcore. Guess what ********! YOU'RE A YARDTARD, NOT HARDCORE!! I was stereotyped as a spotfest. Im not a ******** spotfet you retards, Im a luchadore with technical abilites. I don't see how that worked. Even now, when I asked guys from that fed to join my feds, they're like "Oh, I hate writing"...ok, what do you do in a promo, exactly? Not rubbing your nipples on screen, that's for sure. I'm sure I could probably e-fed rape my these guys in a match.

Lastly, originality. Ok, this hard cause alot of you don't have it. You either base your characters on WWE wrestlers then added to them. ZeXX, the Honry Luchadore.....are there any Luchadores who ******** anything alive or any actual wrestlers who do the horny gimmick. Not many, in fact, probably one. Maybe you guys should stop the whole evil cultleader gimmick, messiah gimmick or next best technical wrestler.

Also, my favorite thing...the over use of sharpshooters...I am in a fed in which 3 people use the sharpshooter as a trademark move. One guy's gimmick is that he's a Stu Graduate, I see that...but anything else...no. Maybe preform a different submission move....like the Cloverleaf, or the Figure Four

Well I feel alot better, see ya next time buddy boys

Welcome to all

Well, its Indy's plan to shine and my first comment is that I'm sick of John Cena fans. Sorry, but most of you are ******** annoying. Your lack of intelligent reasons to like your favorite feels like a drill in my HEAD!! Look, you can like him, I don't care but if your only reason to like him is for his good looks, Im gonna have an urge to disembowl someone with a wooden cooking spon. >_<

Well..that's it. Oh and I have Joe vs Kobashi on my profile, thank you Youtube....well see ya


Indy EXE
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Indy EXE
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