This whole situation with Robin Williams has had me doing some thinking. Some of my beliefs have been reaffirmed, and others have changed.

1. Now more than ever, I refuse to believe that suicide is selfish. We all assume that everybody has somebody who will be devastated by the loss, and to ignore that is selfish, but we're completely ignoring the people who were born into families that tell them openly that they are a failure, an embarrassment, or that they wish they'd never been born. And yet we still have the audacity to denounce them as sinners who spit in the face of god's most precious gift. Humanity fail.

2. Furthermore, if you know someone who is suffering for any reason, but don't (or can't) do anything about it, are you really in a position to call them selfish for not thinking of you? What if they've got it in their mind that you're better off without them, you'd insult them like that!? Humanity fail.

And let's say you're only a friend and "didn't notice" because you've been away from them living your own life. That may not be your own fault but still, you may not be as close to them as you think.

3. Suicide is a rejection of god's gift. Really? Why do we value life more than people? It's like, sure! Your body/your life is priceless but YOU'RE A PIECE OF s**t FOR KILLING IT! Way to value life you hypocritic morons. You do nothing but insult the dead and the loved ones you claim to care for. Go get yourself spit on or something! Humanity fail.

4. Did you try to give them 'tough love', demand to know why they feel sad? Or did you just drive them insane with your badgering for answers they may not have, thus making them worse? Instead of just, I don't know... being there. LISTENING. Telling them it's okay, and that you'll do your best to help even if you don't know how.

5. And while we're on the topic of the value of life. These "would you have a child knowing they had a disability?" discussions are absolute horseshit. If you wanted to have a kid, you're suddenly going to love them less because they're different? I'd absolutely HATE a mother who aborted for no other reason than because her child would have autism. You have no right to determine that a kid who isn't by your standards 'normal' is any less happy in life. It's not like they're going to die because of it! Humanity fail, I hope this planet is changed forever!