First off, my lovely pup died awhile back. I cried for a bit and decided that I didn't like it. My family doesn't think I loved her enough cause i'm not crying like a little b***h the way they do. I just don't think about it. Out of site, out of mind ya know? It hurts. Had her almost eight years...would have been eight years. But she's gone. And nothing I could have done would have changed that. I miss her. But out of site, out of mind. I'm tired of crying.

Second! I work now. I do inventory. The people are a bit unprofessional and I honestly feel like i'm living a soap Opera with how much drama that happens when I work but whatever. They pay is decent and the people are good. I'm happy. And I like it. I'm lazy but I can work.

Third! I have a new boyfriend and its been a little over 9 months since we been together. I love him. Correction, i'm in love with him. He's everything I didn't think I deserve. Never met anyone like him and I doubt I ever will. I'm grateful. I hope we last forever (as cheesy as it is). Never trusted a man the way I do with him. Not even with my own dad. I'm happy. And he's perfect for me. I also live with him now. Been living with him for the over 3 months. Its good but...not perfect. We're not perfect but i'm happy. My feelings haven't changed. I'm just learning the hard way what unconditional love is suppose to mean.

So yeah...them updates.