Elemental Spirits: Female: Mahuika(fire), Coventina(water), Ninlil(air/electricity), Liluri(earth), Nix(shadow), Mayari(Moonlight). Male: Dracon(fire), Ilmare(water), Nimbus(air/electricity), Terreno(earth), Nero(shadow), Bianco(moonlight). *Names are subject to change, especially the males'.

Vita: Life and love. The Mother, the Creator.

Venator(male) and Venatrix(female): Hunting and weaponry, combat, physical prowess, etc.
Mutare(male): Change, knowledge. Eldest son of Venator and Venatrix.
Sagitto(male): Healing. "Little Arrow." Youngest son of Venator and Venatrix, a young child filled with innocence.

Carmen(female): Music, art, culture.

Rakna(female): Goddess of Chaos. Serpent from the waist down, feline from there up. Values honor and ferocity in her followers.
Akra(male): God of Deceit. Rakna's brother. Opposite of his sister, serpentine top half, feline bottom half. Values Cunning and treachery in his followers.

Kisasi(male?): God of vengeance. Urban legend on Astrica.

Main Characters

Casey Chaos/Sorrel: Elemental Child, Night Fang member. (It's a gang.)
Ariana Archer/Pryr: Huntress from a fairly isolated village.
Blue Belle/Bellecry: The Blue Singer, vain local legend whose best friend is her worst enemy.
Lorissa Light/Shoal: The Leader(of the Light). Grew up in small town in the middle of the woods. Best friend is a white tiger. (Snowette.)
Mistress Mayhem(antagonist): Eerie woman raised by animals after she was abandoned by everyone she ever thought she loved. Believes the only way to return peace to the world is to destroy the human race and all who side with them.

Evelyn Marquee: Top warrioress of the colonies on Astrica. No-nonsense workaholic.
Axel Kahini: Evelyn's apprentice, a rebellious vampire with an attitude.

Saphira Aurora Ice: Young, human sized fairy girl with dragonfly wings. (About 10-12, physically.) A Beast Mistress, meaning she specializes in using animal powers. (Shapeshifting, calling and speaking to animals, etc.) Represents positivity and all things good, though she can be mischievous.
???: Currently unnamed vampiress who represents negativity and all things bad. She is conflicted about her nature.
The Unnamed One: Mutant dragon creature typically locked up inside of the above character. Represents neutrality, and breaks free of it's cage occasionally to eat and wreak havoc in order to preserve the balance of good and evil if the above character won't.

Tynta: High school girl who can talk to spiders. Fascinated by creepy things. Acts like she hates everyone, including her friends, because she doesn't want to depend on anyone.

Supporting Characters

Jackie Ice: Saphira's older brother. Takes care of her now that their parents are gone. Is an elemental fairy with falcon wings.
Kammara: Saphira's mentor and Jackie's love interest. A strict young woman, she secretly admires Jackie for his ability to be both playful and serious. She is a stealth fairy.

Eloc Xineohp/Cole Phoenix: Bilingual mechanic/engineer from Yoj Nwot/Joy Town. Travels with Ariana and his twin brother, Esahc. Ariana's love interest. Good with kids.
Esahc Xineohp/Chase Phoenix: Guard from Yoj Nwot. Though tougher than his twin, Esahc never learned to speak a second language. As such, he only speaks backwards.

Jake of the Desert Place: Leader of the Night Fangs and love interest of Casey, he travels with her on her quest.

Rougesong: Blue Belle's best friend, worst rival, love-hate love interest and business partner, all in one. They were both taken in by their boss, Koron Keg. They all travel across the land singing for the people.

Snowette: Lorissa's white tiger companion. They can communicate now that Lorissa has her powers, and Snowette has gained the ability to camouflage herself so perfectly that she becomes invisible.
Stalker: Kidnapped by Mistress Mayhem as a cub, he was her favorite minion before Snowette convinced him to change sides.